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The Ultimate Tool For Teachers, Online Education And Digital Classrooms


Hey teachers! Are you thinking about hosting your very own digital classroom for your students?

Or are you already teaching online – either through Zoom, live classes or pre-recorded video content?

As a teacher, you know just how important it is to provide a safe learning environment so that your students can work comfortably and efficiently from home, or wherever that may be. 

And if you’re looking for a video solution that provides an engaging learning experience… 


Enter, Searchie.

Searchie provides video solutions for education professionals to create the ultimate digital classroom experience. Using Searchie Hubs, you can set up online courses to reach hundreds of students through lesson recordings. 

And you can do it all without an expensive developer. 

Want to know how?

Then, let’s dive right in…


Engage Your Students With Video

Create Lessons In Your Virtual Classroom

You don’t need to be a YouTube star nor have any background in video production to create engaging content. 

And you don’t need all the fancy gizmos and gadgets to create a great video that people want to watch!

All you need is a computer and webcam (or even your phone). 

If you already have lessons recorded, simply upload video files directly. Another easy way to add content is to pair Searchie with one of our many partners, such as Zoom Pro, Vimeo, Wistia, Dropbox, Google Drive or Facebook.

Once you’ve added your media into your Searchie Library, easily share your educational video anywhere. 

You’ll be able to apply privacy settings so that you know your content is safe and secure.

Choose to allow public access, lock it down to a domain, or restrict access to your digital classroom or even individual students.


Teach Your Knowledge And Expertise

Don’t have any lessons recorded? Don’t sweat it. 

Get ready to smile for the camera, record your own lessons, instructional videos and presentations for your online classroom with the Searchie Chrome Extension

Resize and move the camera around your screen to record yourself and screen simultaneously, or record just  your screen only.



Capture your screen or record with your webcam, and share your educational videos with just a couple of clicks. 


Meet Searchie Hubs: The Fastest And Easiest Way To Package And Deliver Your Video Content

We pride ourselves on making tech easy. And in a couple simple steps, you’ll be off to the races teaching your digital class.


Create A Searchie Hub

In a nutshell, a Searchie Hub is a place to store all of your lessons. 

Searchie is where you’ll be able to build a centralized library for all of your educational videos, and organize them into Folders and Playlists. And then your Searchie Hub is a way to package select files, playlists, or related content all in one spot. Think of it like a Netflix experience for YOUR video content.

Create different Hubs for various courses and sort your video content by using Segments. Create Call To Action sections to display your curated Playlists, or a Feature section for your welcome video. Customize your Hub to suit your classroom and organize as granularly as necessary using Audience Tags; right down to specific Playlists for individual students.


Easily Set-Up Your Virtual Classroom 

It’s really as easy as ABC… 123. 

Start Teaching in three easy steps: 

  1. Upload and Organize Your Content
  2. Design Your Searchie Hub
  3. Start Teaching. 

Yes, it’s that easy.

With Searchie you can create the ultimate digital learning experience in minutes, and impact your students for a lifetime. 


Search Through Lessons In Your Digital Classroom

Here’s the pièce de résistance for everyone who’s still reading… you will dramatically improve the learning experience for your students because you’ll be giving them the power to search inside your audio and video lessons. 

Allow us to explain.

Using our namesake feature, both you and your students will be able to search through hours of class time in seconds by searching a keyword or phrase. 

For example, a student is looking for that one time you explained a very interesting theory on… global warming. 

Said student types ‘global warming’ into your Searchie Widget (we’ll get there, think a Google style search bar) and BOOM – they are shown any video that contains the phrase, the number of times it was mentioned, and the exact moment it was spoken.

And you can literally do this for ANYTHING you teach.

Here’s what this makes possible…

You could tell your students to put down the pen and paper, and instead focus in on what you are saying.

Happier Students, Better Results

By giving them the searchable recording afterwards, you literally change the way you teach.

The ability to search through hours of class time in minutes, just by typing in a key-word or phrase, is sure to make any student jump up and down. 

It also means that they’ll be taking less notes during class, and focusing more on the valuable knowledge you have to share. Searchie eliminates overwhelm and instantly adds value to your classroom, helping your students to make more progress easier and faster. And it’s just a way better experience overall.


Let’s Recap:

  • Add media to your Searchie account, then host audio and video lessons inside a Searchie Hub, or embed  in your existing site.
  • Get auto-generated transcriptions and captions on all video uploads. 
  • Allow audio and text downloads.
  • Add attachments to your videos for students to view or download, like a PDF.
  • Get detailed analytics to get insight on views, engagement, replays and more.
  • Create customizable content and record your own videos with the Searchie Chrome Extension.
  • And more.

Visit to keep reading how Searchie can transform your online teaching experience.

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