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How Stu McLaren Uses Searchie To Package And Sell TRIBE Live Event Recordings


This past year has been intense. Even though things are finally looking up, there’s still so much uncertainty surrounding the pandemic – when will it end? What will happen next? What if this happens again?

And then there are all the questions surrounding your specific business… and the future of business. 

What will happen to my online business as everything reopens? 

Will people still want to join my membership or take my online course once we’re “back to normal”? 

How can I get my digital course up and running quickly enough, and thrive regardless of what’s happening in the market?

If you’re reading this blog and are asking these questions, then bravo. You’re one of the savvy business owners and entrepreneurs that realize how important it is to grow and scale your online business (even if it’s just one part of your business).

But, in case the idea of creating a digital course, membership site, a mini-series, or repurposing your virtual live event recordings feels daunting to you, then keep reading to find out how it can be done, the easy way

Take Stu McLaren, for example.

Stu McLaren wanted to find an easy way to create a tailored content experience for his audience. He turned to Searchie to manage and package his video content – for a whole bunch of different reasons. Paid content. Free content. Course content. Membership content. Mastermind content. You name it.

For more than 12 years, Stu has been helping thousands and thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs turn what they already do, know, and love into profitable online memberships.

And all of his programs are powered by Searchie.

Notice he didn’t spend a ton of money on expensive developers or use ten different platforms to provide a seamless user experience? 

You don’t have to either. 

Let’s look at just one specific example.

Every year, Stu brings together thousands and thousands of membership site owners from around the world for a live virtual event. And afterwards, he packages up the recordings (in Searchie) and delivers them to his audience.

In this blog, you’ll learn Stu’s exact process to package and sell his annual TRIBE Live event recordings. And we’ve boiled it down for you in 3 simple steps. 


How Stu uses Searchie to package and sell live event recordings in 3 steps



Step 1

Package your live event recordings and content in Searchie Hubs

Don’t let your value-packed content collect digital dust. 

Package your content in Searchie Hubs and sell it as a mini-series to have an even greater impact on the people you serve — and at the same time extend the life of your content. 

Searchie Hubs is a video hosting and content delivery platform, which allows you to create a compelling content experience, and helps your users to find and consume your material with ease. Simply put, you can create a Netflix-like experience with your video content.

For example, Searchie Hubs makes it easy for Stu and his team to easily share the value-packed recordings from TRIBE Live. 

By repurposing the live event recordings from the annual event into a mini-series, Stu helps even more people make massive strides on their membership journey. The event has a longer shelf life than just a weekend virtual event. Plus, he also offers the recordings up as bonuses to other signature programs — it’s a great way to add more value to an existing program.

Don’t let tech hold you back. 

The beauty about Searchie is that you don’t need 15 different platforms or become the next tech master to deliver a great experience. Searchie’s customization and easy-to-use drag and drop features, help Stu and his team to deliver a world class learning experience, the easy way. 

By the way, if you want to learn how to easily design a tailored course experience for your audience, just click here

And now, the time has come… 

To reveal the secret sauce that helps Stu’s share the live event recordings in a way that helps his audience make massive progress. 


Stu’s Secret Sauce Recipe

The combination of Searchie’s Playlists with the Chapters feature creates the ultimate viewing experience for Stu’s audience. 


High-quality video content (in this case, the TRIBE Live Virtual event recordings

Searchie’s Playlists 

Chapters feature 


1 Upload the high resolution content from 

   the TRIBE Live event into Searchie Hubs. 

2 Arrange the content 

   from TRIBE LIVE into a list 

   of videos using Searchie’s Playlists. 

   Stu and his team break them down 

   into different sections for each day of the event. 

3 They add a layer of human 

   organization to his content by

   breaking videos apart using

   Searchie’s Chapters feature. 

   (This is a great way to make content 

   bite-sized and easier to consume).

Want to use this recipe and help your community make greater progress, faster? Click here and we’ll show you how. 


Step 2

Deliver your content 

The next step is to consider how you are going to deliver your content and what sort of content experience you provide. If sharing your virtual or in-person content is going to be your bread and butter, then making your viewers’ learning experience as accessible and as engaging as possible is going to be pivotal to their and your success. 

How does Searchie help Stu provide an AMAZING learning experience for anyone who missed the event live?

Stu shares a TON of value during the TRIBE Live event. And he’s known to over-deliver… and sometimes, that means looonggg live event recordings.

But, what if someone wants to find something specific Stu talked about during the live segments? 


Instead of searching through hours of audio and video content, Searchie helps students find whatever they’re looking for just within a matter of clicks.  

Want to find where Stu talked about The Success Path™? 

Just type in “Success Path” in the search bar (also known as a Searchie Widget), and viola! 

You’re brought to all the instances where the phrase is mentioned and the exact time frame where it’s discussed. Isn’t that neat? 

Heck yes it is.

Plus… it’s super helpful, too.


Searchie also makes Stu’s content accessible to all. Do you prefer listening to stuff on your commute to work? No problem. Just download the audio files and take in all the juicy material on the go, just however you prefer.

Are you a visual learner but find it difficult to pay attention and take notes at the same time? No worries! Be fully locked into the content, search through the recording, or simply download the transcriptions afterwards. 

Do you want to follow along and use the exact workbook created for and shared during this once-a-year exclusive event? Simple **Snaps Fingers**. Searchie’s easy-to-attach PDF file feature makes it easy for you to download the exact workbook others used to launch, grow, or scale their memberships during the TRIBE Live event. 

These features completely uplevel the content experience for everyone watching the event replays.


Step 3

Track Detailed analytics to deliver better results 

I hate to break it to you… 

But if creating content or teaching others to learn or master a skill is going to be your full-time gig, then your job doesn’t end once you’ve shared your content. 

You MUST track your analytics to keep your members interested and paying month after month.

Searchie allows you to easily track video stats, views, retention and more. Stu and his team use this information to improve the TRIBE Live Virtual event year after year based on what the data is saying. 

Here are some guiding questions to ask yourself: 

What is your audience searching for?

What videos are people watching the most? 

How much of the video content did they consume?

Did they complete a video?

What is the overall percentage of completion?

Who is leveraging the content you’re creating?

Does my audience like my content?!


Let’s recap how to package and sell your video content…

Step 1: Try out Searchie Hubs and easily re-package your live video content from virtual events or in-person conferences.. Make use of the Playlists feature to easily organize your content by topics, themes or days.

Step 2: Deliver a tailored content experience and improve accessibility without all the extra work. Captions, transcripts, and downloadable audio files happen automatically with Searchie.

Step 3: Easily track key analytics and continue to refine your material to give your audience more of what they want (and less of what they don’t). 

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