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Searchie Is Not Just Another Course & Membership Platform



There’s something we get asked all the time: how is Searchie different from other course and membership platforms? And time and time again, people are Google searching for things like Searchie vs. Kajabi, Searchie or Thinkific, how is Searchie different from Teachable, Searchie vs. Circle, Kartra alternative, and many more.

It’s an excellent question and one we’re happy to answer for you without getting too techie (that’s kinda what we’re all about, btw). But what you need to know as you start your research is that there isn’t a platform quite like Searchie—and you won’t find a direct comparison.

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that Searchie is a course and membership platform designed by content creators for content creators, right? That means our development team has their fingers on the pulse when it comes to the needs and wants of online entrepreneurs.

And it should come as no surprise that Searchie was initially created to serve a need in our co-founder Stu McLaren’s signature course, The Membership Experience™. We’ll explain in a sec how Searchie dramatically improved the learning experience for his students and, at the same time, reduced the volume of customer service tickets his team received.

From there, the rest is history! 

And things have only continued to grow and get better and better for our customers. We know we’re biased, but we happen to think there are a few very important (and super cool) reasons why Searchie is different from all the other course and membership platforms out there. 

In this blog post, we’ll explain why Searchie truly is one of a kind.


A Perfectly Tailored Customer Experience (The Easy Way) 

Creating a cookie-cutter experience for your digital product is a thing of the past. We all know the one-size-fits-all model is outdated and isn’t the best way to attract and retain people in your course, membership, or any information business, for that matter. As individuals, we crave personalization! Searchie allows you to create a learning experience that is customized and tailored for each person in your program.

*Cue the oohs and ahhs* 

In just minutes—seriously, it only takes minutes to set up—you can create a learning experience where the content is tailored to meet each person’s exact needs. And the great news for you, it can be automated, meaning you set it up in the beginning and leave the rest to the magic of Searchie.

All your audience needs to do is identify where they’re at in their journey and what their goals are. Then, they’ll automatically see content that you’ve specifically created for each stage of that journey.

This feature alone helps your people learn better and faster and make more progress with what you teach. We like to think of Searchie as an online platform that lets you create integrative and adaptive learning experiences (buzzwords, we know). And you know, when people make more progress, they are more likely to tell their friends about your course or membership. You’re also going to have fewer refunds and much higher retention because your students and members are more likely to actually watch and listen to content that’s meant for them—and that means they’ll make more progress and get better results.

So they win (more progress), and you win (a more profitable course or membership). Creating a tailored customer experience can be one of the biggest differences between successful and unsuccessful online information businesses.


The World’s First Search Engine For Your Content 


Membership Expert Stu McLaren has served more than 12,000+ people through his signature course, The Membership Experience™ (formerly TRIBE). And every single weekday during the course, Stu would go live in the Facebook community and answer questions for a couple of hours.

It was literally hours and hours of content that his students had to watch to find the answer to their questions. Stu and his team were looking for a way to streamline the entire process so that people could find answers to their questions in seconds. So they got thinking, what if students could search inside videos to find answers instantly? Would this help people make more progress without him and his team having to answer the same questions again and again? 

The answer was a resounding yes! 

And so Searchie was born for this purpose—and was initially named “Mr. Searchie,” if you can believe it! 

The concept was simple (but complicated to develop). “Mr. Searchie” was the world’s first search engine for your content.

Once the tool was ready, Stu and team rolled it out to the course group that year. And right away, his customer support team was amazed to see a massive drop in the number of support questions they received. They literally went from hundreds each day to a handful overnight. It was a massive ‘aha’ moment. They quickly realized that instead of students emailing support for every single question, they could search inside videos by keyword or phrase and find their answers instantly. Problem solved!

It allowed them to get answers faster and easier than the time it took to reach out to support. Plus, the introduction of “Mr. Searchie” allowed Stu’s support team to focus on answering more difficult questions instead of the same questions over and over again. 

Since then, “Mr. Searchie” has evolved and grown into the Searchie we know today. While continuing to use groundbreaking search technology, it’s now become a full-fledged digital course and membership platform. AND we’ve only continued to enhance our search feature (among countless others!), which means anyone who uses Searchie has access to the world’s first search engine for content!


Automatic Captions & Transcripts Will Save You Hours  

There can be a lot of additional costs associated with running an online information business. But with Searchie, you can rest assured that producing videos with automatic captions and transcriptions won’t break the bank…. In fact, it won’t cost you anything extra! 

Yeah, you read that right! 

Every audio or video file added to your library is automatically transcribed and captioned—no extra charge, no hassle, and no third-party apps. This means you get transcripts and captions that are fully editable, making it easy to remove any of those inevitable ums and uhs (by the way, there’s a built-in feature for those pesky stop words, too). AND you can create a custom vocabulary for common words, phrases, or names specific to your business’s market or niche. 

Does it get any easier than that? 

We don’t think so! This is just one majorly important way that Searchie makes your business (and life!) a lot easier. Just by using Searchie, you’ll free up your schedule big time. Instead of spending time on the annoying processes and tedious tasks that every digital product must have (transcriptions, captions, multiple media formats, etc.), you can get those done automatically. This is yet another example of how Searchie is not just another course and membership platform. 


Make Your Content More Accessible And Easier To Consume

You might have been able to tell by our automatic transcription and caption feature that not only do we strive to make your life easier as a business owner, but we really value more accessible content. Like, we REALLY value it. That’s because we know that people consume content in different ways, and it’s important to be able to offer your audience content that best suits their individual needs. 

So, by providing you with automatic transcripts and captions that come built into Searchie, we’ve also automatically made your audio and video content way more accessible for your audience—without you having to lift a finger, we might add! 

And it gets better. With every video you upload, you and your audience can easily access just the audio or text version. So, if they prefer to listen to your brilliance, then they can do that, too! You can also turn your video content into an on-the-go podcast with just a couple clicks.


Not Techie? No Problem. No Coding Required! 

We’ve had lots of users make the switch to Searchie because they were fed up with the dreaded tech! We pride ourselves on having a platform that’s super easy to use.

Because getting blocked by tech is a big problem that will cause massive delays and even stop the momentum of your online business. And feeling stuck (or even limited) by dated, old tech that’s super cookie-cutter can cause major stress, terrible tech headaches, and a ton of frustration. 



Does anyone have time for that when you’re running an online business? Uh, no! 

Before Searchie, a lot of our users might have thought that struggling with coding, HTML, or tech, in general, was just par for the course when it came to being an online entrepreneur. But we’re here to tell you that that’s absolutely not the case!

Searchie was specifically designed to be SUPER simple to use and, most importantly, require no tech skills at all to get your business off the ground. 

That means no HTML. No coding. No struggling with difficult tech processes.

Using the Hub editor, it’s super simple to:

  • Customize the experience so that it matches your brand… fonts, colors, styling, etc.
  • Directly upload content or connect with external apps 
  • Set up privacy and custom domain settings
  • Collect payments with our Stripe integration
  • Share your Hub with your audience
  • And so much more!

Seriously… if you already have audio or video content, then creating a paid digital product with Searchie is a breeze. See what we mean when we say Searchie is not just another course or membership platform?!


So, Why Choose Searchie? 

It’s very difficult to fully grasp how Searchie is different until you experience it for yourself. So go dive in!

But if you’re not fully convinced yet, we wanted to let you in on some other amazing Searchie features that just add to the awesomeness of what we have to offer. 

  • Audience Directory
  • Progress Indicators
  • User Activity
  • Dynamic Playlists
  • Attachments
  • Comments and Discussion [Coming Soon]
  • Drip Content [Coming Soon]
  • Achievement Badges [Coming Soon]
  • Rating Systems [Coming Soon]

Also, besides creating courses and memberships, Searchie replaces and/or streamlines a lot of things you’re probably already doing with your content: video and audio hosting, content delivery, screen recording, selling content, analytics and insights, and more.

It’s super simple to integrate with solutions such as email automations, marketing and landing page builders, and other platforms to enhance your business needs.

And as if all this wasn’t enough to get you hyped, we wanted to share a few more hugely important things about our platform… 


A Centralized Library For All Your Content 

We like to think of Searchie as a centralized library for all your content.

Because here’s what we know about creators and entrepreneurs… Chances are, you probably have content all over the place. Places like Dropbox, Facebook, Zoom, Vimeo, Wistia, hard drives and more. It’s a mess—and nearly impossible to sort it and keep track of it all.

It’s a major problem. And an even bigger time-suck!

Searchie effortlessly integrates with platforms that you already use. Instead of clicking and manually dragging files to your account one-by-one like those other platforms, all you have to do is connect apps and then seamlessly add files to your Searchie library.

Simply put, searchie easily connects with those external apps and puts your content in one place. And once you’ve hooked it up with a couple clicks, new content you create on those platforms will be automatically added to your Searchie account!

It’s like having a team of content curators and managers taking care of the whereabouts of your content.

g3So imagine this…

You go live in your Facebook Group. As soon as you’re done, it’s available in your Searchie account, fully transcribed, captioned and searchable, like magic!

Or maybe you wrapped up a Zoom call with a client. Well, before you’d have to find, download, and upload the recording. With Searchie, it’s automatically added to your library, and then you can share the link to the full transcription, captioned, and searchable recording.

You can take this a step further by automatically adding live videos to a course or membership site instantly after the call has ended.

It’s a massive time-saver—and a way better experience for you, your team, and your customers.

Need a bit more of a visual to fully understand what we’re talking about (and why we think Searchie is the bomb dot com)? Check out this vid to see Searchie’s magic in action:


It gets better, too.

Once all your content is inside Searchie, it’s never been easier to create paid programs like courses, memberships, workshops, literally anything.

Just pick one of our amazing Searchie Site Templates. Select the content that you want to include. And viola—it’s ready to go! 

Yet another reason Searchie is not just another course and membership platform. 

A Built-In Screen Recorder: You can also easily create content without limits using the Searchie Chrome Extension. The best part, all of your recordings upload straight to your Searchie account, no uploading or downloading required. And you guessed it, your content will be fully transcribed, captioned, and entirely searchable.


A “Back End” Focus That Gets Results 

Right about now, you might be wondering… “All of this sounds AMAZING, but what about landing pages and email marketing? Does Searchie do stuff like that?”

The fact of the matter is that Searchie isn’t a one-stop shop just yet. There are certain things that we don’t do just yet.

Here’s why… 

In your online business, there are two main focus areas, the front end and the back end. 

The front end is what you would use to create your landing pages, sales pages, and shopping cart. 

The back end is what you use to package and deliver your content and craft an experience for your audience.

This is our focus at Searchie. And we’re 100% committed to helping entrepreneurs and creators build an exceptional learning experience that actually gets people results.

That’s why you hear us talk so much about “content experience.”

Really good marketing is only one piece of the puzzle—an important piece. But if people buy and join your program and don’t do anything with it, it will lead to cancellations and refunds. That’s not good for business.

On the flip side, if people buy and join your program, have an amazing experience and actually consume your content, they’ll never want to leave! That’s why we’re so focused on more accessibility, searchability, onboarding, tags, and tailored content experiences.

The money in courses and memberships is helping people make progress and get results.

We know from experience that it’s better to do one thing at a world-class level rather than trying to do many things at a so-so or average level. And that’s why Searchie was never designed to be a one-stop shop. From the very beginning, we’ve been intentional about integrating with other shopping carts, email automations, and landing page builders to make these aspects of running an online business work hand-in-hand with the platform.

This way, you get the best of both worlds… the ability to work with companies that have a total focus on the front end AND with Searchie, a company that has a total focus on the back end.


Make Huge Progress In Your Business

Searchie is designed to help you make massive progress with your course, membership, or coaching program… even if you’re starting from scratch.

And if you already have a digital course, membership, or online coaching program, you’ll see firsthand how to improve the experience so that your customers get better results with whatever you’re teaching and sharing online. 

Visit and discover for yourself exactly why Searchie is not just another course and membership platform!