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Effortless Content
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Your AI Powered Content Assistant

What is Searchie?

Searchie is a web-based software platform that allows you to create, manage, and sell your content all in one place. Searchie is the most flexible, easy-to-use platform for digital courses, membership sites, coaching programs and more.

How does Searchie work?

Searchie connects all your favorite tools and creates a centralized library for your content. You can upload files directly or automatically import media from online platforms like Facebook, YouTube, podcast, Zoom, Google Drive, Dropbox, and many more.

Searchie streamlines content management and delivery processes through fully integrated automations and AI. This includes content organization, transcription and captions, AI-generated text, and more.

What types of digital products can I create (and sell) with Searchie?

Once your content is inside Searchie, it’s fast and easy to repurpose it into paid products, like courses, memberships, workshops, summits, and coaching programs. The possibilities are endless!

Can I share my content privately?

Yes. You can share of content privately or create a content Hub. Most people use Searchie for private, paid products like digital courses, membership sites, coaching programs, and other paid digital information products (e.g., summits, workshops, challenges, etc.).

What is a Searchie Hub?

Searchie Hubs is a fast and easy way to package and deliver your free or paid content.

You can create a content hub for all of your content in Searchie or select specific media files. It’s the ultimate solution for online coaching and consulting programs, digital courses, online memberships, and SO much more.

How is Searchie different from other course and membership platforms?

Searchie is hyper-focused on content delivery for paid digital products like courses, memberships, coaching programs, and more. It’s specifically designed to help your customers learn better, faster, and make more progress with what you teach.

One way we do that is through the power of Search. All your audio and video content is automatically transcribed, captioned, and entirely searchable by words spoken, meaning it’s more accessible and easier to consume.

Not only that, Searchie was designed with time-strapped content creators in mind. One of the biggest pain points of creating and selling a digital product is the “technical aspect” of setting it up. With Searchie, you can quickly create a beautiful content experience with no coding, no developers, and no HTML. Whether you use one of our many templates or start from scratch, it’s just fast and easy to build.

Plus, the fully integrated automations and AI will help you get more done in less time!

What type of content can I put into Searchie?

You can add digital media directly from your computer or import from different external sources like Facebook, YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive, Zoom, and more! Most courses and memberships start with audio or video, but you can also add PDFs.

Can I build my website or landing pages on Searchie?

We’re hyper-focused on creating content experiences for digital products like courses, memberships, and coaching programs. That said, some of our customers have created their website and landing pages with Searchie.

Does Searchie offer transcriptions and captions?

Yes! Every media file added to your library is automatically transcribed and captioned.

Can I create content with Searchie?

We have a Chrome extension that syncs with your account. That means any audio or video content captured with the Chrome extension will be recorded and pulled into your Searchie account. Check it out at

Can I host my video on Searchie?

Yes! We provide ad-free video hosting for our customers. Some restrictions apply depending on your plan. For specific details, please contact

How much does Searchie cost?

Searchie offers plans to meet your needs. Check out the different plans, features, and pricing at

Does Searchie have a transaction fee or take a part of a sale?

No. We do not charge a transaction fee or take a commission from your sales.

Are there additional site hosting and video hosting costs?

No. We offer ad-free video hosting included with every plan! Some restrictions apply depending on your plan. For specific details, please contact

Can I host my community in Searchie?

Searchie offers a range of features that help to facilitate community, including the Audience Directory, Audience Attributes and Commenting. Click here to learn more.

As for a community forum (i.e., a place to comment, chat and engage), we suggest you facilitate that somewhere else that’s easier for people to access, such as Facebook.

Additional Questions?

Not seeing your question here? Check out our help desk, join the community on Facebook, or contact