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6 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Searchie Account

Who doesn’t enjoy getting a good bang for their buck?

A buy one, get one free sale is always nice, but how about buy one, get six…

Do we have your attention yet? . 

In this blog post, we’re listing six different ways to make the most of your Searchie account. You’ve made the investment into Searchie, you’re learning the ins and outs of this incredible platform, and now we want to show you just what that investment is worth. 

There are hundreds of ways you can apply Searchie to your specific use case, but these are some of our favourites that will make the biggest impact on your business.

Build A Centralized Library Of Your Content

Your content might be scattered across multiple platforms right now. 

Maybe you have media files in Vimeo, Google Drive, Dropbox, Wistia… are we forgetting one? 

Here at Searchie, we’re all about keeping things simple. 

Make your life easier by consolidating all of your hard work under one roof. You can easily move content from your other media sources in a couple of clicks using Searchie media connections. Find out how you can add media, then create a centralized, searchable library of all your video and audio content inside your Searchie account. 

Not only will your content be searchable internally for you and your team, but you’ll be able to share that content anywhere. Then, your audience will thank you for making your amazing content more accessible with  the ability to search through it by keyword. 

Automatically Transcribe And Caption Content

All video and audio content uploaded to Searchie is automatically transcribed, captioned and searchable by word spoken.

And if you’ve had some problems with transcription services in the past. With Searchie, you can change your settings and customize your account to get super accurate transcriptions. Just head to your account and adjust your language settings, custom vocabulary and so much more.

What does this mean for you? 

This is when the magic happens. Our transcriptions boast a 92%+ accuracy, but you can bump that up using the language settings and custom vocabulary that we mentioned already. If you use industry-specific terms, slang or even just have an uncommon spelling of your name, add it to the custom vocab. This will ensure less time spent editing transcripts, and more time for you to create content!

Explore your Account Settings to adjust preferences like transcription downloads or to turn on captions by default.

Share Your Content Anywhere

Oh, and we really do mean anywhere

Embed a captioned, transcribed and searchable video into email campaigns, external websites, blog posts or sales funnels, to name a few… Moral of the story, if you can embed or add custom HTML code, you can add your video.

Share and embed video and audio content externally and internally. Create videos for your audience, customers, and team! 

Film step-by-step tutorials for new hires, share product updates with your internal team and more. Store media files in your Searchie library and share a URL quickly, check out our public training Hub for inspiration! 

Build & Customize A Searchable Hub

Okay, we gave a lot of hypotheticals, but maybe you don’t have an established blog or website already. Good news, friend. You don’t have to!

Is there anything more satisfying than a clean slate? 

If you’re starting from scratch, welcome to your one-stop-shop: Searchie Hubs. Using this drag-and-drop feature, you can easily build a customized “Hub” to house all of your audio or video content for your customers and/or team.

You might be thinking, “Isn’t that the library you were talking about?”

Allow us to clarify. Your internal library is just that, internal. It’s where you can organize all of your content before embedding or sharing those links, like we mentioned.

Searchie Hubs is the vessel in which you can share your content externally. If you’ve been thinking about creating a course, membership site, coaching program, or just want to sell your knowledge or expertise online, then you can package and deliver your content with Searchie Hubs. 

We talk all about the different ways you can use Searchie in your specific use case right here:

Turn Your Expertise, Knowledge or Know-How Into Recurring Revenue

With Searchie Hubs, you can adjust privacy settings to lock down your content to a specific audience, or make a public Hub for all to see. You decide who can access which content.


Create Playlists of your audio and video content. This is a great way to organize related content into  different categories or create a series of videos for people to watch. 

For example, your monthly Facebook Lives, a fitness challenge for online coaches, a beginner course for online teachers… Whatever your use case may be, Playlists are a huge asset.

Pages & Sections

Once you’ve spun up those Playlists, organize your content into Pages and Sections. View demo Hubs for a visual example of possible layouts, or use templates from our nifty (and totally free) Searchie Toolbox. Simply put, Pages & Sections are just that… Pages and Sections inside your Searchie Hub. Remember, we like to keep things simple!

Built-in Canva Integration

Here’s the cherry on top. Inside of Searchie, there is a built-in Canva integration. This allows you to truly customize your Searchie Hub to your brand . 

You can create beautiful thumbnails for your videos and customize those Sections and Pages we talked about.

This blog will show you exactly how to make beautiful video thumbnails and Searchie Hubs using this sweet integration. 

Boost Accessibility

There’s really no downside to this. You don’t have to do any extra work, Searchie does it all for you. By sharing your content from your Searchie library, you’ll immediately boost accessibility by allowing your audience to consume your knowledge and expertise on their terms. 

Meaning they can watch a video with no volume, and only read the captions. Or, they can download the transcript to read later. Maybe they just want to skim through and only hear about the main Chapters in your video. 

Even if your content is being hosted on another platform, like an external website, you’ll be improving that existing content and making it more accessible just by embedding your Media Files, Playlists or Widgets from Searchie.

Bottom line… you will instantly be able to share your content in different formats. For example, when you upload a video, you can then share the transcript as well as the audio file with your audience. 

Some people like to watch videos. Others prefer to read. And then there’s those that like to listen. WIth Searchie, you can automatically offer more formats, which means your content is more accessible and easier to consume.

Automate, Automate, Automate.

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again. 

Automation = More time for you to spend on other parts of your business!

Automate your Folders and Playlists to save time and resources that could be better spent elsewhere in your business.

What do we mean by this? 

By utilizing the many Media Connections available in Searchie, you can automate the process of adding new content to your Searchie account. Say goodbye to downloading then uploading a file – ain’t nobody got time for that! Simply connect your Facebook or Zoom account to automatically populate your live calls. Or, maybe you store your video and audio files in Dropbox or Google Drive? You can automate those too. 

The bottom line is, automate and simplify your video and audio content processes using Searchie. Then, toggle on auto-process to finish off your new, streamlined operation. 

Have you already thought of a seventh way to make the most of your Searchie account?

We’re all ears! Join us in the Facebook group to share your business use case or to learn how other Searchie Community members are using these 6 golden tidbits to elevate their audiences’ experience. 

Catch you in the comments!