How To Turn Your Expertise, Knowledge or Know-How Into Recurring Revenue

How To Turn Your Expertise, Knowledge or Know-How Into Recurring Revenue
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This is a great question, so we’ll ask it again…

How are you going to turn your expertise, knowledge, experience and passion into recurring revenue?

Only YOU can decide what the answer to that question is, but keep reading because we’re serving up some guidance and practical tips on how to make this a reality for your online business… and how Searchie can help.

Find Your Online Outlet: Where Will You Package And Monetize Your Content?

If you’ve clicked on this article, you must be a professional-something, be it self-declared or officially certified.

What’s your skill? What are you itching to share with the world?!

If it has to do with video content, get ready for the ‘🤯’ sensation.

We’re dishing out tried and true methods to create revenue streams by sharing your knowledge and expertise. The online knowledge and information business is taking off… and e-learning is projected to grow to be even bigger business in the next couple of years… so there’s no better time than right now to jump in.

Virtual & Online Events

Ahh, virtual events.

It’s not the same as networking face-to-face at in-person events, we get it. It is, however, an amazing way to reach a lot of people, both quickly and potentially with zero to low overhead costs.

The best part about hosting a virtual event is that you can reach members, customers or followers, no matter where they are in the world!

If it’s your first time hosting an event, don’t get hung up on numbers.

Whether your guest list ranges from 5 people to 5,000, the point is that there are people that want to hear what you have to say! 

Aside from an entrance fee (or virtual ticket fee), you can create ongoing revenue by selling the event recordings afterwards. Perhaps some people couldn’t make it to the event, or a guest that joined wants to be able to reflect on all the awesomeness and useful topics you spoke about.

You can easily host your recordings in Searchie, and make it fully searchable, transcribed and captioned. 

During your virtual event, mention that the recordings will be available for purchase afterwards so that your guests can be fully present. They don’t need to worry about tedious note-taking.

Start An Online Membership Site

This is kind of our jam, we wrote an entire blog on how Searchie can help you out in this department.

Check out How To Use Searchie For Your Digital Course Or Membership Site.

In short, Searchie makes it easy for you to deliver an elevated content experience for your clients and help them make more progress faster than ever.

Invite your customers to a secure and private members area, and start sharing your content.

Host A Digital Course

Who is an online course ideal for?

Anyone looking to share their knowledge and expertise!

Maybe you’re a chef that wants to offer a pasta making course, a pilates instructor hosting a challenge, or a teacher creating a summer school math course…

Record your evergreen content, package it up and sell it over and over again!

Don’t forget to include other deliverables like downloadable PDFs or templates attachments. This adds value to your course, and the experience that your students will have.

You might start an online membership and offer a course for your members, or just run a stand-alone course.

Depending on your niche, you’ll want to dig deeper into memberships up top or keep reading until you see the online educator deets. 

Either way, the course-membership combo works well!

Offer Live Coaching And Consulting

Optimize your coaching business and create the ultimate experience for your clients and customers.

First, host and record your coaching videos. We’re talking about the basics, all of the preliminary or prerequisite videos that you find yourself repeating. Think of it like an orientation or welcome video, technique demonstrations, or anything else your customers will need to watch (or refer back to) throughout their coaching journey.

The benefits: You’ll be making more time to invest your energy and expertise in 1 on 1 coaching calls with your customers.

Bonus: Create secure, private playlists for your customers to view and search through by words spoken. They’ll be able to reference your coaching knowledge time and time again.

It could be a huge value add for your program, allowing you to charge more. Instead of those Zoom coaching calls disappearing into the depths of hard drives, you can instead re-package them into a private client area. They can go back to the recordings, and search through them by keywords.

Teach In An Online Classroom

If you’re wondering where Searchie comes into the picture, read why Searchie is The Ultimate Tool For Online Education.

Join The Searchie Partner Program

Add recurring revenue to your business with Searchie.

In case you haven’t heard, every Searchie customer has an affiliate link. It’s located in your settings, look for ‘Rewards’ in blue letters with the gift icon beside it. Why a tiny little gift?

Here’s why:

Once someone signs up using your affiliate link, you get a nice 30% commission wrapped up in a bow (figuratively speaking) each and every month. 

I see your eyes glazing over… you’re nearly done. 

To recap, we named five awesome ways that you can start earning recurring revenue using your knowledge and expertise, today! 

We also (obviously) mentioned all the ways that Searchie can help you do so.

A sweet tip for everyone who stuck around to read the entire blog… ask for feedback! 

It’s a lot easier to retain customers when you know what they want and what they are thinking. Use Analytics and insights to track views and drop off rates – get to know your audience!

Lastly, as a Searchie Partner, you can earn a 30% recurring commission on every sale. This isn’t a gimmick, people are actually doing this.💰

Hope this helps you to plan out your next move towards generating cash from what’s stashed in your mind. Share your knowledge with the world! 

Learn more about these various avenues on or better yet, join our private Facebook Group and learn how you can use to Searchie to take your online business to the next level.

See you there!

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