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3 Easy Tips For Launching Your Membership



So, you have an idea for a membership site. Awesome, we’re super happy to hear it! But having an idea and actually launching your membership site can be two very different things, right? 

Maybe you aren’t sure how exactly to get the ball rollin’. You probably have questions like…

“How do I know when it’s time to stop dreaming and start doing?”

“How can I get off the content treadmill and create a profitable income stream?”

Those are some of the age-old questions for content creators. 

People wonder all the time about how much they need to have ready before they launch a membership. They’ve had this big idea for a while, but it feels too simple to just… launch. 

Isn’t there something missing?

If that sounds like you, here’s the good news: you’re more ready than you think!


We’re digging into this and giving you easy three tips for launching your membership today, even if you’re starting from scratch! 

Allow us to explain.


1. Believe In Yourself & Be Transparent

A winning mindset is the first step to overcoming any mental blocks or impostor syndrome when it comes to launching your membership. 

Instead of focusing on what you lack, try shifting your thinking. Consider what’s already in front of you and take inventory of your present resources. 

For example, if you already have a large social media following, you’re already leading a thriving community of like-minded people who “get” you, that’s no small feat and something you can definitely use when launching your membership. 

The most important thing to remember when going into your very first launch is that you don’t have to have it ALL together to start your membership site. 

You’ll be amazed at the power of transparency when discussing your beta launch with a group of people who are already in your community. Be honest and transparent with them. Tell them that this is something brand new that you’re trying out and that you would love for them to be a part of it. 

Use their responses and reactions to reinforce your next move. Hopefully, it will provide you with the momentum and confidence to keep moving forward with your idea. 


2. Don’t Wait For Perfection

Be real. Be raw. And most importantly, be yourself! 


In the early days of launching your membership, it’s key that you don’t lose the authenticity of what drew your audience to you in the first place. 

If your quirkiness is what you’re known for, keep it up! If people love that you share personal stories to create connections, keep em’ coming! Continue to build on the trust you have created with your audience, and they’ll be more likely to join your journey. 

If you still don’t have any launch content, don’t sweat it! 

Instead of shelving the plan until the “perfect” moment, tell the truth and ask your audience for feedback on your idea. If your idea isn’t totally polished, tell them! Remember, be transparent! 

You can create your very first beta launch group by admitting imperfection and sharing with authenticity!


3. Leverage What You Have & Batch The Rest

Most people who start out with a new membership quickly get sucked into the content mill. All of their time goes into creating new, individualized content for members—but they quickly learn how energy-consuming this content creation mill is. 

So, what should you do?

Try to leverage what you already have. Turn videos into blogs, podcasts, social posts, etc., and repurpose existing ideas into as many formats as possible. 

Block time off in your calendar to batch create content. For example, if you’re creating video content, create enough content to last a few weeks or even a month—then plan to drip it out to your audience. Also be sure to repurpose this content, too! 


Launching Your Membership Even When You Don’t Feel Ready

If everyone waited until they felt 100% ready to launch their membership, we’d bet that not many would ever see the light of day.


 Take that leap of faith and get your beta launch out there! We’ve seen lots of people launch successful memberships with next to no content. 

How did they do it? 

They had the passion, excitement, and belief that their idea was a winner. 

They valued being transparent with their community and involved them in the process of creating their membership (and took their feedback to heart). 

And they realized they actually had more content than they thought and were able to repurpose some of what they had already created to get the ball rolling. 

Now it’s your turn! With the right mindset and content strategy, you can start your own beta launch NOW and watch your membership take off!

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