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How To Use Searchie Transcripts Like A Pro

If you’re a member of the Searchie community, you’re probably already leveraging our Searchie Transcripts features. And if not, then oh boy — you’re missing out. But not for long!

We’re shining the spotlight on some amazing Searchie features that help improve accuracy and boost transcription AI with 50,000+ hours of human-transcribed content across various industries, topics, and accents. If that all sounds like beep, bop, boop, don’t worry — keep reading. 🤖

All you need to take away is that you’ll see significant improvements to your automated transcripts by using these features. And the best part is, you don’t need to add any other app or service to your tech stack. All you need is Searchie transcripts features. 

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So do we, so do we… And here’s why!

99% Accuracy On Searchie Transcripts

By the end of this blog post, you’ll learn how to effectively use the Searchie Transcripts Editor to save you time and money – cha-ching! 

You’ll also learn how to increase the accuracy of your transcripts with Searchie’s product features and access the esteemed ‘white-glove’ service. These features and services mean you can get up to 99% accuracy on your transcripts. 

Pause for the wow factor to sink in… Yeah, it’s pretty darn accurate.

How Searchie Transcripts Benefit You And Your Audience

Searchie features help improve accuracy AND pair our speech engine (Rev) with tens of thousands of hours of human-transcribed content across several different industries, topics, and accents. As a result, you will see significant improvements to your automated transcripts.

Alright, this sounds impressive, but how does it affect your online business? 

We’re walking you through our top 3 steps (and we threw in a few bonuses) to make sure you’re using Searchie Transcripts like a pro. 

Step 1: Leverage The Transcript Editor To Make  Edits To Your Searchie Transcripts

Searchie allows users to edit transcripts in case there are any mistakes or if any changes need to be made. The Transcript Editor’s features are easy to use, and we will show you exactly how. 

More importantly, you’re able to play the video back, view the transcript as well as any “low-confidence words” that Searchie picks up (these are written in red), download the TXT or SRT File of your transcription, use forward and back buttons, adjust video speed and so much more!

For a step-by-step guide on how to use the Transcript Editor, take a look at this Searchie help article here in our Help Center.

Step 2: Customize Your Vocabulary To Increase Searchie Transcripts Accuracy

Quick note, make sure this is set before uploading ANY videos! This feature won’t make changes after your media is uploaded, so be sure to add in your Default Language and Custom Vocabulary first.

But wait, what is Custom Vocabulary? We’re glad you asked… 

You can tell Searchie how to process speech in our system by creating a Custom Vocabulary. 

Your custom vocab should include words that aren’t common or may have a different spelling than usual. This could include industry terms (Doctor’s we’re looking at you… Dimethylamidophenyldimethylpyrazolone), your own name or business name, acronyms, and more. 

Every time a new file is transcribed, it will take this list of words into account and allow Searchie to become more familiar with them. This tool is especially useful for unrecognizable words or more uncommonly used words, as Searchie might interpret a more popular word rather than the word you actually said.

Access the custom vocabulary by navigating to your Profile Settings and selecting Transcriptions.

For example, adding the word ‘Cerci’ to the list will replace the word ‘Searchie’ whenever this is said in a video. Similarly, adding the name ‘Elise’ will help distinguish it from ‘At least.’ 

It can also help Searchie identify domain-specific language if the terms you’ve said aren’t being properly transcribed/printed out for you.

Follow the steps here to start using this feature in our platform.

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STEP 3: Use Rev’s Proofread Service To Increase Your Searchie Transcripts Accuracy 

As if your Searchie Transcripts couldn’t get more accurate, here we are at Step 3! 

Maybe you feel cramped for time or simply don’t have the bandwidth to review your transcripts yourself. Enter the Proofread service. 

Have your transcript professionally edited by Rev for an additional fee in the Transcript Editor.

If you want to get the most accuracy out of your transcripts, learn more about our white-glove service here

If you missed our live Searchie Hacks training on how to use these features, you can catch the replay here.

More Ways We Love To Repurpose Searchie Transcripts

Do you have recordings with one-on-one clients? Maybe you conducted an interview or group call? Did someone have nice things to say about you, and you wish your audience could hear their praises? 

Well, if your recording is in Searchie, you’re in luck. Searchie transcripts can be repurposed more than you know! That’s why we’re sharing some of our favorite ways…

Quickly Grab Pull Quotes And Testimonials

Grab quotes, testimonials, and feedback from your recordings with only a couple of clicks. Lastly, just remember to get the necessary consent before sharing anyone’s quote!

Turn Into blogs 

Quickly turn your presentations, interviews, and more into a quality blog post (with amazing SEO!) by copying and pasting your transcript. A little finessing, some headers, a Giphy or two, and you’re off to the races.

Copy For Social Posts, Emails, And Content Marketing

We all know how much time it takes when it comes to content creation, and your social posts are no exception. Repurpose the work you’ve already put into creating your audio and video content by leveraging your transcript! 

Then, Chop up lessons into quick, bite-sized carousel posts for Instagram, recap your weekly Facebook live into an email newsletter, and so much more.

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Are you already using Searchie Transcripts like a pro? 

Let us know in the Searchie community

Thanks for reading. We’ll catch you in the next blog.