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7 Ways To Use CopyCreator And Shave Hours Off Your To-Do List



As entrepreneurs and content creators, feeling strapped for time is just part of it all. We’re always looking for new tools or ways to shave hours off your to-do list. Are we right, or are we right? Seems like that, anyway…

And one of the things that we’ve heard time and time again is that brainstorming, researching, and coming up with ideas is a major time suck. Whether it’s for your course, membership, or something like creating social media posts to grow your audience. Just this step alone—creating social media content—can eat up hours… or even entire days.

As an entrepreneur, you’re probably thinking there are a million and one other things you could be doing, right? Your time is precious. That’s why you need strategies and tools to help you make the most of it. If you’re feeling this way… we have good news for you.

… drum roll, please … 

The geniuses behind Searchie (biased, we know!) have cooked up an exciting tool that will remove all the stress and guesswork of content creation and copywriting. And the best part, you can tailor the results for YOUR market. 

It’s called CopyCreator.

And once you strap this secret weapon to your toolbelt, you’ll instantly have the power of a billion genius, speedy copywriting robots working to develop new ideas—and write for you, too. And don’t worry. This is a friendly kind of AI-powered tool. Not the kind that wants to destroy the world. 


So, wondering how to use CopyCreator for your business? You’re in the right place. In this blog, we’re unpacking the 7 best ways to use CopyCreator and shave hours off your to-do list.

Let’s get into it!

1. Instantly Generate Ideas… For Virtually ANYTHING 

Staring at a blank screen is daunting… Especially when you have an idea but you’re struggling to put it into the right words. The page can almost taunt you as you type and erase, type and erase… That blinking cursor seems to get brighter with every blink. 

It’s just there daring you to write something. It’s a lot easier to shut the laptop than to strike a single finger against your keyboard, isn’t it? We’ve all been there. Writer’s block, creative funk, brain fart… Call it what you want, but everyone experiences times when we need a little help getting those creative juices flowing!

With CopyCreator, we’ve made it easy to get started by providing you with ideas for digital courses, memberships, podcasts, content, and social media… in literally seconds to shave hours off your to-do list.

So if you’re just in the brainstorming phase, then start with the “idea tools” found within any of the category tabs listed below. Think of it as a springboard for you to dive off of before creating content for your audience that makes a splash!



For example, if you’re looking for a podcast topic, click the Podcast tab, then Podcast Ideas..

Type in your topic… 


And voila! 

With the click of a button, you get awesome podcast ideas to get you started. 


How easy-peasy was that?!

It’s not just podcasts, either. There are idea-generation tools for content, digital courses, membership sites, social media, and more!


2. Create Digital Course Lessons & Outlines Without Endless Hours Of Internet Research

If you’re looking for some fresh new ideas for lessons or outlines for your digital course, we’ve got you covered in that department, too! 

In this example, we chose the topic, “guitar lessons for kids,” and CopyCreator produced a 4-step digital course outline that could be used right away.


To discover other ways CopyCreator can help with your digital course, explore “Digital Course Lesson Outline” or “Digital Course Lesson Idea” found within the Courses tab.

If you’re thinking… well I have NO IDEA where to start with my digital course.

Well, then start with Digital Course Ideas

Can you already feel the hours of work being shaved off? 

We really hope so because that’s what CopyCreator is all about—making your life as an entrepreneur or content creator easier than before!

Real quick…

Want our secret playbook for creating a digital course and lesson ideas for your market?

We’re talking a simple toolkit that’ll help you get clear on your idea for a digital course and create a simple digital course outline in 15 minutes or less!

Sound too good to be true?

Well, check it out for yourself. Consider it our free gift to you!


3. Spark Engagement And Create A Sticky Membership With Engagement Questions

Sometimes, it’s hard coming up with new and exciting things to share in your membership. For example, what can you do to keep them engaged? What should you talk about… every single day? It can all feel a bit overwhelming, right?

Fear not, friend! 

You’ll be sparking conversation in your membership community in no time flat with CopyCreator’s Membership Site Community Engagement Questions.

Let’s look at an example. Say your market is stay-at-home dads with toddlers. Simply enter this info into CopyCreator, and *beep-beep-boop* you’ll get community engagement questions in a jiffy!


Once you’ve got the answers, copy and paste them somewhere. Then, drop them into your membership community (such as on Facebook) and watch the engagement soar!

Sounds almost too easy, right? That’s the point! 

What about coming up with fresh content deliverables? The last thing you want to feel is like you’re on the dreaded content treadmill. Well, if you’re wondering what to provide inside your membership, we’ve got you covered there, too. Just head on over to the Membership Site Content Deliverable tool and start brainstorming ideas.


4. Create Podcast Ideas Episodes, Headlines & Scripts With Ease

We know we’re biased when we say just how amazing CopyCreaor is at shaving hours off your to-do list, but seriously… when it comes to coming up with quick, quality ideas for your business, there’s really no denying its brilliance.

Just take a look at how CopyCreator provides not one, not two, but EIGHT brilliant podcast episode ideas for someone in the fantasy football space.


What about a podcast episode headline for one of the ideas above? Pfft, no biggie. CopyCreator whips up an eye-catching headline for your episode. 


Okay, so you’ve got your idea and headline, but what are you actually going to say in your podcast episode? You’re definitely going to need a script, right? Don’t sweat it! CopyCreator eliminates all the stress when it comes to what to say and how to introduce your topic to your audience. Look what the Podcast Episode Script tool whipped up.



Pretty mind-blowing, if we do say so ourselves! This is a quick and easy way to get a running start on your podcast. We strongly suggest you tweak the copy and script so that it fits you—and your brand. 

Think of it as a first draft. From there, you can make it your own!


5. Eye-Catching Headlines That Stop The Scroll

Need a headline for your YouTube video, Instagram post, or any other piece of content you’re putting out there? CopyCreator can help you write headlines in a jiffy (we’re talking seconds—that’s the theme… if you haven’t caught onto that by now).

Check out these ideas for beauty influencers: 


 Not bad for AI-generated ideas, huh? Tysm, friendly robots for shaving hours off our to-do list!

6. A Blogger’s Best Friend: Instant Blog Headlines, Outlines & Post Drafts 

Blog writing can be a bit of a beast (we totally get this—it took several drafts to get this one ready for your eyes—thanks for reading!).

For starters, creating click-worthy headlines can be just as hard as writing an entire blog. And if you’re someone who finalized their punchy headline after their blog is written, then we understand that you might feel a bit brain-fried. 

The last thing you want is to be blocked by a pesky headline… One string of words standing between you and a complete piece of content! But by now, you know CopyCreator can pump out awesome blog post headlines like this:


As for creating an outline for your blog… This is also something that tends to take up a lot of time and brainpower. 

Not anymore! Just look at what the Blog Post Outline tool came up with for a blog using the above title.


Okay, so now you’ve written your blog using the headline and outline that CopyCreator generated. 

Is that where things end?

Not quite! The next tool is a showstopper. But you’ll have to go check it out for yourself. It’s called the “Blog Post Draft” tool. And trust us when we say this, it’s like having a team of a billion AI robots helping you at each step of the blog writing process.

That means you can get your blog out into the world faster than if you went at it alone.

CopyCreator is the Robin to your Batman, the Christina Yang to your Meredith Grey, the Dwight Schrute to your Michael Scott—you get the idea!

7. The Ultimate #MondayMotivation & #WednesdayWisdom Hack

We’ve got one more way for you to use CopyCreator to shave hours off your to-do list… 

Literally every Monday… #mondaymotivation is trending.

And every Wednesday… #wednesdaywisdom is trending.

But what the heck are you going to post every week, two times a week, to get in on the trend?

Meet CopyCreator’s Social Media Inspirational Quote tool.

Who doesn’t love a good social media quote to ignite passion in people? But finding what to say—or a relevant quote—is sometimes like finding a needle in a haystack. Nobody’s got time for that!

Instead, use CopyCreator to inspire and motivate your audience with a famous quote (without countless hours of soul-destroying research).



Whip that up into an IG post on Canva. Share the text on LinkedIn. Add background to a text post and share it on Facebook. Film a quick video for Reels or TikTok explaining why it’s your favorite quote. The world is your oyster! 

Pop it into your social channels in some form or another, and watch the hearts and thumbs-ups come rollin’ in. 


[Copy] Create For Yourself!

Phew—if that list hasn’t proven that CopyCreate can shave hours off your to-do list and piqued your interest, we don’t know what will.

Maybe knowing that you can check out CopyCreator for yourself and use free credits to discover the amazing power behind this game-changing tool!

We’re confident you’ll see for yourself that AI is definitely a friendly resource to make your life a lot easier.


Remember, AI-tools like CopyCreator aren’t the end of a project or task… they’re often just the beginning. Meaning, if you’re using CopyCreator for content or copy, it’s just the starting point. It can absolutely help you be more effective and efficient in your business. But we strongly recommend that you update and tailor the results so that they match your brand, tone, voice and personality.

You can tweak it, update it, or rewrite it all together.

Think of it as the ultimate tool in your toolbelt. It can help you get the job done faster and easier!

Happy creating!