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How To Build Your Online Information Business Without Any Content

How To Build Your Online Information Business Without Any Content Using Searchie

Sounds a bit too good to be true, doesn’t it? 

Think of it this way, we all need to start somewhere. If you’re just beginning your entrepreneurial journey, you probably have no shortage of passion and enthusiasm… But your content may be short to none. 

Don’t sweat it, we’re showing you how to build up your online presence and grow your audience, even if you are starting without any content!

What we’re trying to say is: No content? No problem! 

No email list or audience? Let’s build one!

Not having a pre-existing audience or content can actually be a really, really good thing. It’s like cracking open a brand new notebook that hasn’t been written in before, or placing the first brush stroke on a blank canvas … You get the picture. 

You have a totally blank slate with so much potential! Take this fresh start as the perfect opportunity to build a strong foundation. This core group (also known as your founding members) will be the ones to grow and keep up with you as you develop your business and as your content becomes more complex.

But, how?!”  



Great question, we think this is the perfect time to introduce you to some key players that will really pave the way for your success…


1. Content, content, content

First things first, you have to drink the content creation kool-aid. Video is king, no matter what platform you’re using. People are consuming video content like never before —sixty percent  to be precise. Yep, sixty percent of businesses use video as a marketing tool and guess what, it’s not going anywhere. 94% of marketers who use video say that they plan to continue.

Enter the Searchie Chrome Extension

Making your first video isn’t easy… Maybe you need 16 takes to get it just right. We can relate. All we’re saying is your first try may not be perfect, but the only way to improve is to start your first draft. That’s why any recordings created with your Searchie Chrome Extension don’t count towards your upload limit if you’re on the Basic or Pro Pricing Plans

Once you get going, you’ll be a natural in front of the camera in no time. You’ll be churning out new content for your audience, spinning up Playlists, maybe an online course or two… Heck, maybe even a podcast!


Turning Your Video Content Into A Podcast

Don’t let those videos go to waste, it’s all about repurposing your content to save yourself time. Using the Podcast feature, you can turn hours of video content into your very own podcast with only a few clicks. Learn how to turn your Searchie Playlists into podcasts here.

This isn’t something you need to do right off the bat, but it’s nice to know all of your options down the road as your business grows.


2. Queue-Up For Success

Set you and your Playlists up for success. Create automated Playlists to save time! By automating and turning on auto-processing, you’ll be saving time to focus on other parts of your business (like creating content!), instead of getting hung up on the little technicalities. 

Our playlist automation allows you to organize content and get it out to your audience in a flash. If you’ve embedded a Playlist onto an external website like WordPress, your Playlist will automatically update when new content is added. Ipso facto, your platforms are up to date and there’s no extra work for you. That’s what we call a win-win!

The playlist automation is perfect for your own recordings and/or any replays of your live Zoom or Facebook sessions. Using Searchie’s Media Connections, you can sync to other platforms and automate importing media. So the next time you go live to your Facebook community, the recording will shoot straight into Searchie the moment you click “End Live Video”.

When you’re building an audience, providing replays of your live content is a great way to extend and repurpose the content itself. Not only that, you can track analytics behind these playlists to see what the good people are watching and searching for.


3. Monitor Content Consumption With Searchie Analytics

Searchie Analytics often go under the radar, but they deserve their own place to shine here because of the high value they bring to the table. 

One of the more painful parts of an early launch is the potential for pivots. Having data to back you up on any shift or pivot you make in your business comes with a whole lot of free confidence. Confidence in knowing what your audience actually wants to watch, and being able to make those changes to accommodate and retain your viewers.

Nothing feels better than giving your audience the resources you know they’ve expressed an interest in. With Searchie Analytics, you can see what your audience members are watching and searching. You don’t have to guess what content your audience wants to see, with Analytics you can focus your energy on creating more of what they actually want.


4. Welcome Members To Your Searchie Hub

Once your playlists are automated, it’s time to whip up an inviting members area. 

A Searchie Hub is the fast and easy way to repurpose your live content, share information about you and your passions, showcase your testimonials, and so much more. You could also consider offering freebies or add-ons in the form of coaching calls, text guides, or even challenges. 

No tech skills required! With Searchie you can simply drag-and-drop different Sections to create a dynamic landing page for your audience. With endless help articles, live training calls, and community support, it really doesn’t get much easier than a Searchie Hub.

The best part about this is the fact that you absolutely do not need a lot of content. Some text, a photo of you, and a playlist of your replays can truly go a long way. Plus, the site will get automatically updated with any new content that gets uploaded to the playlists inside of your Hub.

Choose to have your Hub public, or set to private and enable registration. By doing so, you then have the option to collect payments for your audience to access your Hub. Create monthly or annual pricing plans in your local currency and apply them to any or all of your Hubs! The choice is yours, and it’s made easy with our native Stripe integration

Not using Stripe? That’s cool too. You can also add an external shopping cart to your Searchie Hub using Zapier. If you’re already collecting payments through Shopify, Thrivecart, or another platform, no need to worry. Naturally, there’s an article to help you set that up without needing to change anything in your current tech stack.


5. Enable Native Registration

Remember the list builder we mentioned? This is how you can generate that list, go ahead and toggle on that Native Registration button!

We saved the best and most important part for last. After all, we’re here to build a list! Once your snazzy Searchie Hubs are ready to be shared, set that baby to private and turn on the native registration feature. 

This automatically locks your content between a registration page. To access your content, your members need to register their email. 

It’s a true win-win situation… You get to grow your email list and your members benefit from being able to access all of your amazing content!

We love the synergy.



Alright, that was a real quick and dirty run-through of what you’ll need to get started. As easy and tech-friendly as Searchie may be, we totally understand that you probably have 101 more questions that are unique to your specific use case. 

We weren’t kidding when we said we have endless help articles. Even better, Searchie Academy has hours of video training! All totally free and equipped with Searchie functionality so you can consume training at your own pace. Take advantage of captions, watch videos at 2x speed (places to be, people to see—we get it!), or simply pause and pick up from where you left off later. 

When you’re ready to start building your Hub, record your very first video with the Searchie Chrome Extension, then choose from hundreds of Hub templates to get started super fast!


Okay, okay, maybe we’re moving too quickly…

Come say hi, first! Head over to the Searchie Community to see how other business owners and entrepreneurs are using Searchie to uplevel their online information business. We’ll catch you in the comments! 

Have a question you’re itching to ask? Email to chat with a Searchie teammate. 

See you in the next blog!