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How To Build A Lead Generation Machine With AI And Your Existing Content (Easy Way To Get More Clients)

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Convert Your Audience Into Loyal Paying Customers With AI

In today's digital age, building a successful online business requires a constant stream of new leads — I’m talking  potential customers that you get to sell to. These leads are the lifeblood of your business, whether you're offering courses, memberships, coaching, or any other product or service. The key to unlocking this floodgate of new leads lies in the power of AI — and knowing how to use it to grow your email list.

Hi, I'm Tyler from Team Searchie, and in this article, I'm going to walk you through the process of building the most effective new lead generation system using the power of AI. This system will help you grow your email list effortlessly, allowing you to generate as many leads as you can handle, all without needing to create any additional content, or eating up any more of your valuable time.

What You'll Need:

  1. Existing content (such as audio, video, PDFs, Facebook Lives, Zoom recordings, etc.)

  2. A Searchie account with Wisdom

The Power of Email Lists: Connect, Nurture, Serve & Sell

Before we dive into the details, let's quickly make sure you understand why having an email list is essential for the success of online business. Your email list is a direct line of communication with your audience — and one that you own. You’re not at the mercy of ambiguous social media algorithms, or viral trends to reach your audience. 

It's a way to stay connected with potential customers, nurture those connections, and convert them into loyal, paying customers. Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to drive sales and engagement. All this to say, continually growing your list is super important. So let’s get started!

Step 1: Import Your Content

The first step in building your lead generation machine is to import your existing content into your Searchie library. This content will serve as a reference for your AI-powered chatbot to generate responses. That's what we'll be using to build your lead generating machine. 

Here's how you can do it:

  1. Create a Searchie Account: If you haven't already, sign up for Searchie. It's quick and easy, and you can even use your Google account to sign in.

  2. Access the Library: Once you're logged in, navigate to the library section.

  3. Upload Your Content: You can upload your content directly from your computer. Alternatively, if your content is already on other platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, or YouTube, you can connect those platforms to Searchie. This saves you time and effort by automatically importing your existing content.

By importing your content, you're building a database that your Wisdom Chatbot can reference to provide answers to your audience's questions. 

What’s a Wisdom Chatbot you ask?

Step 2: Create Your Wisdom Chatbot

Now that your content is in the library, it's time to create your Wisdom Chatbot. This chatbot will be like having Chat GPT designed specifically for your content. Bottom line, it knows your content inside and out. And it can quickly find exactly what you — or your audience — is looking for in seconds! 

Here's how to set it up:

  1. Access Searchie Wisdom: Go to the "Apps" section in your Searchie account and select "Searchie Wisdom."

    Screen Shot 2023-09-19 at 2.39.10 PM

  2. Create a New Chatbot: Click on "New Wisdom Chatbot" and give it a title relevant to your content.

    Screen Shot 2023-09-19 at 2.42.37 PM

  3. Select Content: Choose the folder of content you want the chatbot to reference. This step ensures that the chatbot provides answers based on the content you've imported and approved as reference material.

    Screen Shot 2023-09-19 at 2.49.06 PMScreen Shot 2023-09-19 at 2.51.53 PM

  4. Customize the Appearance: You can customize the chatbot's appearance to match your brand. Adjust colors, add a background image, and include a profile image.

    Screen Shot 2023-09-19 at 3.00.58 PM

  5. Enable Lead Collection: Turn on lead collection to capture emails from users. Craft a welcome message to explain the value users will receive by providing their email.

    Screen Shot 2023-09-19 at 3.04.04 PMScreen Shot 2023-09-19 at 3.05.01 PM

  6. Collect Additional Data: You can choose to collect more than just email addresses. Consider collecting full names if needed (this can help with personalizing emails).

    Screen Shot 2023-09-19 at 3.07.12 PM

  7. Set Audience Tags: Tag the leads coming through your Wisdom Chatbot for easy segmentation and future marketing automation.

    Screen Shot 2023-09-19 at 3.08.51 PM

Step 3: Share Your Chatbot

With your Wisdom Chatbot ready, it's time to share it with your audience. You have two main options for sharing:

  1. Share the URL: You can share the unique URL provided by Searchie. Users can click the link and interact with your chatbot directly on the Searchie platform.

  2. Embed on Your Website: If you have a website or hub, you can embed the chatbot using the provided code. This way, visitors can engage with your chatbot without leaving your site.

Drive Traffic and Nurture Leads

Now that your Wisdom Chatbot is live, the final step is to drive traffic to it. Here are some effective strategies:

Promote in Your Content: At the end of your podcasts, YouTube videos, or other content, encourage viewers to use the chatbot to find answers quickly.

Social Media Promotion: Share your chatbot on social media platforms to reach a wider audience.

Email Marketing: Use your existing email list to introduce your chatbot to your subscribers.

Paid Advertising: Consider running paid ads to direct targeted traffic to your chatbot.

Remember that building your email list is just one piece of the puzzle. To capitalize on your leads, you need a complete sales funnel in place. If you're not sure how to create an effective sales funnel, check out our video on the five simple steps to build one for your business.

If you're new to Searchie, or Wisdom and want to give this AI-powered lead generation system a try, start your free trial today. With Searchie Wisdom, you can start flooding your business with as many new leads as you can handle.

Now you have a powerful tool to capture leads, provide value to your audience, and ultimately grow your business. Start implementing these strategies today, and watch your list—and your business—thrive with Searchie Wisdom.