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Searchie Spotlight: Riches Are In The Niches: Unique Content Strategies For Creators In Underserved Markets With Steve Newton

Watch Steve's full Spotlight interview here!

When it comes to innovation in emergency management and disaster planning, embracing new approaches and leveraging technology can make all the difference.

Today, we have the pleasure of sitting down with Steve Newton, a seasoned consultant in the public safety and emergency management industry. 

Steve's unique problem-solving approach and emphasis on continuous learning and exploration have revolutionized the field of emergency planning. 

Let’s dive into the interview as he chats with Searchie’s Customer Success Lead, Paulina, and explore how Steve leverages technology, including Searchie, to unleash innovation in emergency management and discover the extreme value that underserved and niche markets can offer

During this interview, we cover: 

  • The value of innovation in emergency planning and its impact on clients
  • Balancing traditional practices with innovative approaches in the industry
  • How Searchie has enhanced Steve's services and overcome industry challenges
  • Steve's insights and advice for consultants in the emergency management and other niche fields
  • And A LOT more!

    Spotlighter Bio

    Name: Steve Newton

    Business: + Innomergence Solutions

    Niche: Steve Newton is a seasoned consultant specializing in strategic planning for disaster management, emergency response, and recovery. His innovative approaches and incorporation of technology have transformed the field of emergency planning, offering unique and valuable solutions for communities.
    Steve Newton - Innomergence Solutions


Let’s Jump In With Steve Newton!

Paulina at Searchie: Can you start by telling our community a bit about yourself and the work you do?

Steve: I I've been working as a consultant in the public safety and emergency management sector for nearly five years now. 

After retiring on a Thursday, I embarked on my consulting journey, and it hasn't stopped since. 

My primary focus is strategic planning for disaster management, emergency response, and recovery for communities. 

I've found a unique niche in serving underserved small communities with limited budgets for emergency planning products. 

Currently, a significant portion of my client base consists of indigenous communities, which has been both rewarding and challenging.

Meeting The Challenges Of Emergency Management

Paulina at Searchie: How do you view innovation in the context of your work, and what value does it bring to the clients you serve?

Steve: I believe that innovation is the icing on the cake of strong systems thinking. 

With my ability to connect various dots, I often find myself exploring new ideas and technologies. I'm always curious and willing to try new things, from video production tools to virtual reality environments. 

While this can sometimes be a blessing and a curse, it allows me to stay ahead of the curve and incorporate best practices into my services. 

Innovation enables me to offer unique solutions tailored to the specific needs of my clients, providing them with effective ways to manage their information systems and improve their emergency planning processes.


Balancing Tradition And Innovation

Paulina at Searchie: How does your industry shape the way you design your digital programs and consult with your clients?

Steve: The public safety and emergency management domain still relies on traditional practices, particularly in situations where technology may not be readily available. 

While I recognize the importance of embracing new technologies, I also understand that during emergencies, when infrastructure fails, it often comes down to old-school methods like whiteboards, paper copies of plans, checklists, and flow charts. 

Balancing the traditional and the innovative can be a challenge, especially when dealing with a workforce that spans different generations and technological backgrounds. 

Furthermore, understanding the different learning styles and preferences within the industry, such as the increasing receptiveness to gamified learning among younger professionals, helps me tailor my consulting approach to effectively address these challenges.

“Balancing the traditional and the innovative can be a challenge, especially when dealing with a workforce that spans different generations and technological backgrounds.”

Screen Shot 2023-08-31 at 3.26.48 PM

The Searchie Advantage: Transforming Digital Emergency Planning

Paulina at Searchie: Could you share how Searchie has helped you enhance your services and overcome some of the industry's challenges?

Steve: Discovering Searchie was a game-changer for me. While it was initially developed for managing video content, I saw its potential to revolutionize digital emergency plans. 

Instead of relying on static PDFs or complex software, Searchie offered a new way to deliver dynamic and engaging emergency plans. 

The Playlists and Hubs feature allowed me to organize and present specific information, while the duplication feature enabled easy customization for each community's unique needs. 

Additionally, the AI capabilities of Searchie, particularly the Wisdom AI feature, provided an exciting opportunity to deliver concise explainer videos tailored to the exact topics required. 

I'm also exploring the YouTube import feature to leverage SEO benefits and integrate external videos into my digital emergency plans. 

The flexibility of Searchie has even allowed me to create mobile apps quickly and cost-effectively. It has become an essential tool that aligns perfectly with the services I provide.

“Discovering Searchie was a game-changer for me... Instead of relying on static PDFs or complex software, Searchie offered a new way to deliver dynamic and engaging emergency plans."

If You Could Go Back To The Beginning...

Paulina at Searchie:  If you could go back to the beginning of your consulting journey, what is one thing you wish you had known then that would have accelerated your progress and made your work easier?

Steve: Looking back, I wish I had discovered Searchie earlier in my consulting career. 

It would have allowed me to be several years ahead in developing digital emergency plans and providing scalable solutions for my clients. 

The ability to seamlessly integrate video content and leverage its power for adult learning and gamification would have been a game-changer. 

Additionally, recognizing the importance of video from the start would have enabled me to enhance my services and reach a broader audience more effectively.

Paulina at Searchie:  Thank you so much, Steve, for sharing your invaluable insights and experiences with us. Your commitment to innovation and your dedication to helping communities in need are truly inspiring. We look forward to seeing your continued success and the positive impact you make through your work.

Steve: It was my pleasure Paulina. Thank you for having me. And to everyone out there, remember to think about taking your Searchie content into the metaverse. 

There's incredible potential for growth and collaboration. 

Cheers to all!

By embracing innovation and leveraging technology, like Steve Newton, you can revolutionize approaches and deliver effective solutions for your clients. Searchie offers a powerful platform for transforming even complex traditional industries such as digital emergency planning, providing dynamic and engaging experiences that enhance preparedness, engagement and the learning experience as a whole!

Watch Steve's full Searchie Spotlight interview here!

Thanks for reading! 

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