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Why Every Podcaster Needs A Podcast Website And How To Create Yours With Searchie



A The Simple Step By Step To Create A Podcast Website On Searchie

If you have a podcast, then you’re well aware of the benefits for you and your audience. In this article, we’ll show you how to create a podcast website for your podcast. That means, you’ll need a podcast first!

Podcasts are a great way to reach a highly engaged audience, build a loyal following and establish your credibility and authority on any topic or niche.

Not only that, podcasts are super cost-effective. They can be low cost to produce and share. And there are huge benefits for your audience, too. Convenient, on-the-go listening makes it easy for your audience to consume while multitasking—driving, working out or doing chores around the house.

Bottom line, podcasts are a great way to grow your audience and spread your message.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re publishing your podcast on a major website like Apple Podcasts, Spotify and SoundCloud.

But, there may be an untapped opportunity that you can take advantage of with just a couple clicks.

What’s A Podcast Website And Why Do You Need one?

A podcast website is just that. A website for your podcast where users can subscribe to your podcast, listen to episodes, read episode descriptions, access transcriptions, download additional resources, and in some cases, search through episodes by keyword. We’ll get into that later.

Here’s an example for Membership Expert and Searchie Co-Founder Stu McLaren’s Marketing Your Business podcast. Visitors can pick and choose where they want to subscribe and listen to his podcast. In this case, they can listen on iTunes, Android or Stitcher.

pasted image 0 (4)

And directly below this section, users can see a featured episode as well as past episodes. A podcast website can also serve as an episode archive.

pasted image 0 (5)

Now that you have a general idea of what a podcast website is, why do you need one for your podcast?

Let’s dig in.

Reason 1: An Extension Of Your Personal Brand

A website can help establish your podcast as a professional brand, which adds to your authority on your topic. Further, it’s an opportunity to showcase your podcast and your brand in a much more polished and professional way to your audience.

Quick Tip: Having a podcast website is a great way to extend the life of your podcast and your reach, especially if you have the ability to search through episodes by keyword. Most podcast listeners are multitasking while listening, so they may only catch and remember a keyword or two. With Searchie, your audience can easily go back by searching through your past episodes.

Reason 3: Increases Discoverability & SEO

Having a dedicated podcast website can improve search engine optimization (SEO) in a number of ways. It allows you to

  • Include keywords that are relevant to your podcast, niche and target audience
  • Build links from other websites
  • Create and share additional and supplemental content
  • Integrate with your social media channels 

These are some of the ways that a podcast website can help you increase your visibility in search results, attract more listeners, and ultimately, grow your audience.

So, if you have a podcast, do you have a podcast website?

Or are you relying on Apple and Spotify to get you clicks, more listens and subscribes? Don’t count on it.

A Simple Step by Step Guide To Create A Podcast Website On Searchie

Searchie is the most flexible, easy-to-use solution to create, organize, and share your content. Now that’s out of the way, let’s get into creating a website for your podcast.

Step 1. Create A Searchie Account & Login

You’ll need a Searchie account to quickly create a podcast website for your podcast. Go to Searchie homepage, and click “Sign in” or “Free Trial” at the top righthand side of the page. If you are starting an new account, you’ll see something like this.

pasted image 0 (6)

Step 2: Go To The Apps Page & Find Podcast

From the Apps page, find and click on the podcast button.

pasted image 0 (7)

pasted image 0 (23)

Step 3: Connect Your Podcast

After you click on the podcast button, you will be asked to Add Podcast by pasting the Apple Podcast URL. If your podcast is on SoundCloud, please refer to this article to find your podcast URL.

pasted image 0 (8)

Find Your Podcast URL On Apple Podcasts

You will need your podcast URL of the podcast you want to connect to Searchie.

Open the Apple Podcasts application and find the your podcast to sync it to your Searchie account. You can also search for the podcast online (on Google or Bing) by typing “PODCAST NAME Apple Podcasts” into your search bar where PODCAST NAME is the name of the podcast you’re looking to connect.

pasted image 0 (9)

Once you have found your podcast, open the share options and click ‘Copy Link’.

pasted image 0 (10)

Go back to Searchie and paste the Podcast URL. Then, click “Verify” and then “Add Podcast”.

pasted image 0 (11)

Step 4: Import Podcast Episodes Into Your Searchie Account

When you navigate to the “Library” tab, you will not see a dedicated folder for your podcast. From there, you can import your podcast episodes. Pick and choose which episodes you would like to import to your Searchie account. 

pasted image 0 (12)

Step 5: Create A Playlist For Your Podcast

From the “Library” tab, scroll down to create a new “Playlist” for your podcast. In this example, we created a new playlist titled “My Podcast”.

pasted image 0 (13)

 Next, click the playlist you just created, and then select “Add Content”.

pasted image 0 (14)

Click the “Library” button.

pasted image 0 (15) Find your podcast folder. Check the box and click “Add Selected” at the bottom right of your screen.

pasted image 0 (16)

Step 6: Pick A Hub Template For Your Podcast Website

In this step, you will create a “Hub” for your podcast. This will become the website for your podcast. From the “Hubs” tab, click “See All Templates”. 

pasted image 0 (17)

 Add the “Podcast” filter to see only podcast website templates.

pasted image 0 (18)

For this example, we selected the “Work From Home” template.

pasted image 0 (19)

Step 7: Add Your Podcast Content To The Hub And Customize Your Website

By now, you should have added your podcast content to your Searchie account and created a “Playlist” for your podcast episodes. Now it’s time to create a website—or as we call it, a “Hub”—for your podcast.

From the “Hub” dashboard, click “Customize”.

pasted image 0 (20)

 From the “Hub” editor, you can update and customize your podcast website so that it matches your brand. Check out the following resources in our support database all about how to create and build your Searchie Hub.

pasted image 0 (21)

With a little customization and tweaking of the template pictured above, you can quickly create a beautiful, professional podcast website for your podcast.

You can spend as little or as much time on this step as you want.

Here is the example for Stu McLaren’s Marketing Your Business podcast on Searchie. This took less than an hour and it’s pretty awesome! Let us know what you think!

pasted image 0 (22)

Ready To Create A Podcast Website For Your Podcast?

Now that you have gotten this far, you can see how easy it is to create a website for your podcast. If you have a podcast, all you need is the super tool to make it all happen at blazing speed! Start your 14-day free trial of Searchie today

If you have any questions, drop us a line at