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How To Turn Your Existing Content Into A Podcast



As content creators, we all know how important it is to repurpose your existing content, whether it’s video or audio. 

Think about the amount of time and energy spent planning, creating and producing just one  piece of content for a blog or social media channel… 

Now, think about the amount of time it takes to create an audio and video-based membership, online course, coaching service, or other paid program. 

With all that time and effort, why would you just leave your existing content to collect cyber dust?

But, when you think about repurposing it… where should you start? And how?

It’s time to turn it into a podcast…

(And it’s a lot easier than you think.)

Okay, maybe you’re already a podcaster (keep reading if you are). What about a podcast fan? 

Maybe you like to end your day with a long walk, headphones in, listening to your favorite podcast. Or, it’s how you pass time at the gym, on your daily commute, or end your long day before bed (shoutout to the meditation podcasts, tysm). 

The point is, podcasts are one of the fastest growing ways people consume content. We’re talking more than 48 million episodes as of April 2021 that are coming from over 2 million different podcasts! 

And in this blog post, we’re going to show you how to make your very own, using existing content inside your Searchie account.

Want to know the best part? It will only take a few clicks before you’re an official bonafide podcaster. Pretty cool, right? 

**Adds “Podcaster” to LinkedIn profile**


Let’s Get Started

First, all you need to do is set up a few simple automations to make your content accessible to your entire audience. We really mean that… Don’t let your podcast get lost in the noise. 

Uplevel your audience’s experience by giving them the ability to stop/start, slow down, speed up and search through your podcast.

Whether you’re a seasoned Podcaster or have never even listened to a podcast before, we’re confident you’ll be able to host your podcast in Searchie in less time than it takes to read this blog.

Exciting, right?! 

Without wasting any time, let’s dive right in. After all, you’ve got a podcast to work on…


Turning Your Existing Content Into A Podcast With Searchie

Don’t have a podcast yet? No worries, you’re only a few clicks away. 

Keep reading, young Padawan…


Turn your Searchie Playlists Into Podcasts

Listen to these magic words; you don’t need to do any extra work to start your podcast. Believe it, baby! Using your existing audio or video content in your Searchie account, all you need to do is literally click a few buttons and BOOM! 

Your audio and video files will magically be made into a podcast.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Once you’ve checked off all three, head over to this step-by-step help article to create your first podcast! 

Is it weird that we’re so excited? 

Hmm… No way. We love to see the Searchie Community building their business and trying all of Searchie’s amazing features throughout the Platform and Hubs!

Podcasters In The Searchie Community

We love to see how our amazing community members are using Searchie every day in their unique online businesses. Lucky for us, we had the chance to chat with Dr. Edwin Adams to learn more about how he’s using Searchie to connect his users to his podcast and turn his existing content into even more podcast episodes. 

If this is double-dipping, we’re into it.

Dr. Adams is the founder of Aesthetics of Leadership, an online platform created to help Millennial men who are feeling stuck, lost, or anxious find purpose, direction, and confidence. His coaching has inspired incredible transformations throughout the Aesthetics of Leadership community and he’s telling us just how it’s been made possible with Searchie…


“I recently moved my podcast platform to Searchie. It was the best decision I’ve made to date and is the best solution I’ve found to make podcasting fun and efficient. Searchable content, transcribed episodes, and amazing functionality… all in one place.”

Dr Edwin Adams


Thanks, Dr. Adams for sharing how you’re using Searchie and the podcast feature in your biz It sounds like you’re really making waves within your community and we love the imagery that goes along with it!

If you’re nervous about starting your first podcast, chat with other community members like Dr. Adams in the Searchie Facebook community

If you’re already a Podcaster, you have about three clicks until your podcast episodes are inside your Searchie account. 


Connect Your Podcast To Searchie With Apple Podcasts Or Soundcloud

Using the Podcast Media Connection in Searchie, you can pull all of your existing podcasts from either Apple Podcasts or Soundcloud into your account. This help article will walk you through how to connect step-by-step

Why would you want to add your Podcast to Searchie? We’re glad you asked. 

First, all of your podcast episodes will be instantly transcribed with automated transcriptions.

Transcriptions. For all your episodes.

Not only will this allow your audience to search through your episodes by keyword or phrase, but it means you can easily use those transcriptions for your blog or social media. 

Bottom line… your content will become even more accessible because viewers will be able to view captions, pause if they need to, and/or slow down or speed up to suit their viewing needs.

We can go on and on (and we will, soon) about the benefits of hosting your content in Searchie. 


Automatically Transcribe New Podcast Episodes

We weren’t kidding when we said soon…

Let’s talk more about the sweet, sweet transcriptions. 

No matter what Searchie plan you’re on, your content will receive the royal Searchie treatment the moment your media is processed. That means instantly transcribed, captioned, and fully searchable by you and your audience. 


Transcriptions And Captions

When you think of a podcast, you’re first instinct is to probably listen to it, right?  

Well, that may not be the case for your entire audience. Think about those that may have a hearing impairment, or those who simply prefer to read. Having a transcription and captions adds accessibility and expands your reach to a broader and more inclusive audience. 

Plus, it gives you the opportunity to then take your podcast’s transcript and repurpose it throughout your network via blog posts, social media and more. Bonus, Searchie makes it easy because each Media File upload receives transcriptions automatically! It doesn’t cost you antoher cent, or any extra time.

Read more about languages and dialects available in Searchie, Custom Vocabulary, Player Settings and more, right here.


Making Your Podcast SearchableSearchable content. Sounds simple enough, so why is it so important?

Think about what you were doing the last time you listened to a podcast. Were you running errands? Did you get interrupted and have to take an earbud out to listen or speak to someone for a few minutes?

People are often multitasking when they’re listening to podcasts, by making them searchable, now all they have to do is listen for a specific keyword… and they can easily go back to that episode. Think about how many words are spoken throughout your podcasts…

You’re a fountain of expertise, knowledge, and know-how, so why not give your audience the power to search through your advice? Adding searchability makes your content more accessible, and keeps your audiences’ engagement high, which is music to any content creator’s ears!


Searchie Widgets

Using Searchie Widgets your audience will be able to type a keyword or phrase into a search bar to find the exact time(s) it was spoken. 

Embed a Widget externally onto your website or landing page, or add it straight into your Searchie Hub. The best part is, you can choose exactly which episodes you want to make searchable.

Membership experter, Stu McLaren kept it simple with his podcast. He added a search page for his Marketing Your Business podcast. You can literally search through his entire show by keyword.

Go ahead and turn on auto-process so that all of your new content pulled in through your Podcast Media Connection is processed without you having to manually click anything. Keep in mind that if you’re on the Basic or Pro plan, it will count towards your monthly upload hours. You can top-up here or switch to the Business plan for unlimited uploads.


Connect Your Folder To A Playlist 

Wait a minute, Hubs, Media Connections, Widgets, Custom Vocabulary… Now Playlists!? 

If you’re new to Searchieland, we get that all of these new terms may be new and have a bit of a learning curve. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. 

Think of your Playlists as a curated collection of your media. Since we’re talking about podcasts today, a great example would be to create different playlists based on specific topics you’ve covered over various podcast episodes. 

Learn more about Playlists here or see them live in action here in our training archive. We use a different Playlist for each live training call that we host in the Searchie Community. There’s A LOT you can do with these bad boys, but let’s focus on automating your Playlist with a Folder. Your Folder is where you organize your content internally and the Playlist is where you can deliver your content publicly to a free or paying audience.

Add the Playlist to a Searchie Hub if you’re on the Searchie Pro or Business Plan, or simply share your Playlist directly using the URL. If you have an external website, embed the podcast playlist. Learn more about embedding and how you can build an automated podcast funnel with Searchie in this blog.


Monetizing Your Podcast

We’re saving the best for last! Just kidding.

But seriously, who doesn’t like the idea of making some moolah off of their hard work? 

Using Searchie Hubs, you’re able to house your podcast in a public or private members’ area. Create a free, public landing page for your podcast, or lock it down to a private Hub and enable native registration to collect payments.

You can even start with a $0 plan to build your audience! Using the Searchie Payments and our native Stripe integration, the world is your oyster. You can add pricing plans at any time for both current and new members to upgrade to.

In the spirit of keeping things simple, we won’t dive into the details of setting this up, but you can find more information in this Searchie Payments blog post or this collection of help articles in our awesome help center. Like everything in Searchie, it’s fast and easy to set up, so you’ll be raking in your podcast paycheck before you know it!


What Do You Think?

Are you already using Searchie to host your podcast? Let us know, share your use case with us and the rest of the Searchie Community in the Facebook group.

If you have any questions, drop us a line! Reach our support team directly through the “Help” tab in your Searchie account or email us at

Catch you in the next blog, Podcasters!