Quickly Drive More Consumption Of Your Facebook Live Content

EST. TIME: 20 minutes
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Apps Used:

  • Searchie
  • Facebook

The Goal

In this playbook, you will learn how to automatically organize, transcribe, and archive your Facebook Live recordings. Then you will be taught to create a google-like search engine for your audience to use, and automate tedious processes to make your content creation processes more efficient

The Benefits

As a content creator, you’ve already created SO much content… but after the initial release, it gets buried in people’s Facebook feed. Not anymore. We’ll show you how to breathe new life into your content, drive more views of your content and automate your list building – all with one simple integration.

STEP 1: Connect Your Facebook Account To Searchie

Follow the steps in this support article to connect your Facebook account to Searchie:

Once connected, you can have your Facebook Live recordings automatically uploaded and transcribed on Searchie, or you can do them individually as well. This saves you time by cutting down the steps required to get your audience the tools they need.

STEP 2: Create A Search Engine For Your Facebook Live Recordings

Searchie allows you to embed your Facebook Live search directly within your website through widgets. Widgets are a super useful way for you to organize your content for you and your audience.

This step-by-step article will explain how to build a widget and embed it on your website within Searchie. Alternatively, you can view our video tutorial here.

Widgets can be used in many different ways and the benefits are limitless…

  • Create a searchable platform that you can embed on your website with your content for your audience to use.
  • Save you and your audience time.
  • Take your content to the next level.
  • Easily finding key information makes your content easy to absorb and keeps your old content relevant.
  • And many more!

STEP 3: Discover Insights On What Your Audience Is Searching

Now that your audience has access to all those nuggets of information from past Facebook Lives, use Searchie Analytics to find out how, what, and where they’re searching.

With this information, you not only receive an up-to-date assessment on how your Searchie tools are performing but you also have the ability to take these insights and use them to provide your audience with even more relevant content. Check out our full Analytics Tutorial here.

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