How To Quickly Drive More Consumption of Your Podcast

EST. TIME: 20 minutes
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Apps used:

  • Searchie
  • Apple or SoundCloud podcast
  • Zapier
  • WordPress

The Goal

Increase consumption of your podcast by making it easier for your team and audience to navigate your episodes through search. In this training you will learn to automatically organize, transcribe, and summarize your Podcasts. You will also learn to automate tedious processes, make your podcast workflow more efficient and repurpose your content with ease.

The Benefits

Podcasts are one of the most popular sources of content in today’s digital world; there are more than 850,000 active podcasts and more than 30 million podcast episodes.

MusicOomph Podcast Statistics

However, producing a podcast is not without it’s challenges. Trying to keep track of what you have already discussed, navigating to popular topics or key messaging from previous episodes, discovering what resonates with your audience, well… you get the point. The listener and your team is often left to listen through numerous episodes just to find what they need.

By connecting your podcast to Searchie you will create a search engine comprised of all your podcast episodes, old and new. This enables your audience and team to search keywords or sentences, being taken to the exact episode down to the second where their search term is mentioned in your podcast.

As a bonus, Searchie’s analytics feature provides data based on what your audience is searching for the most. So you can create content that is data-driven and sure to resonate with your audience.

Step 1: Connect your podcast

To get started, you will need to have your podcast connected to Searchie. You can read through our detailed step-by-step guide that explains the steps required here.

Once your podcast is connected, a folder for your episodes will be created. Searchie allows you to have your episodes automatically uploaded and transcribed each time you release a new episode, so be sure to enable that feature.

Give yourself more time to focus on your podcast and let Searchie do the heavy lifting for you. Once connected, your podcast episodes will be synced, uploaded and transcribed within Searchie.

Step 2: Create your search widget

Using Searchie, you are able to make your podcast searchable by embedding your “podcast search” directly within your website through widgets. Meaning, you will be able to create a search bar on your website for your audience to search through your podcast.

Widgets within Searchie are the tool you will use to create your podcast search and allow your audience to search through your podcast. They are an intuitive way for you to organize your content for you and your audience.

The widget feature within Searchie

This step-by-step article will explain how to build a widget and embed it on your website. Alternatively, you can view our video tutorial here.

Widgets can be used in many different ways with some additional benefits:

  • Save you, your team, and your audience time.
  • Increase consumption of your podcast.
  • Reduces support requests as users can just search their questions.
  • Easily finding key information makes your podcast easy to absorb and keeps your old episodes relevant.
  • Password protect your podcast search widget so users have to provide their email to access it, generating marketing leads.
  • And many more!

Step 3: Automatically Create A Post On WordPress

Once your widget is created, here’s where things get interesting. Zapier lets you connect Searchie to 2000+ apps, one of them being WordPress. This integration saves you time by automating tedious processes. Every time you process a new podcast episode or any file on Searchie, it’ll automatically create a WordPress post on your website about your new piece of content and upload it without you lifting a finger. The best part is that you only need to set this up one time, and that’s just one less thing you have to do when pushing your content to different platforms.

First, you need to go to, and create a free account if you don’t have one already. Create a new zap and Select Searchie, with the “new file processed” trigger and select your account. Then choose WordPress, and select “create post” as your action. You will then be prompted to choose your account and provide your WordPress credentials.

Once your account is connected, all you have to do is customize your post and turn your zap on. You will no longer have to take the extra steps to post your newest podcast episodes or content and it will all be automated.

Playbook Example

In this example, we can take a look at the Marketing Your Business podcast hosted by Stu McLaren.

Let’s say you learned that in a recent episode, Stu broke down how to build your target audience, but you missed it! Rather than skimming through all 150+ episodes you can take advantage of Searchie.

All you need to do is search “target audience” within the Marketing Your Business Searchie widget and you will see every mention of “target audience” within all 150+ episodes. After you decide which result seems most relevant, you can click and be taken to that exact moment in the podcast episode.

Curious? Try it out for yourself here.

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