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Easily Create A Coaching Hub

The New Standard For Online Coaching And Client Service
(Without Extra Overhead)

Increase the value of your coaching program with a centralized content library for your clients.

Easily connect Searchie to other platforms that coaches use for live calls, like Zoom or Facebook Live. Once a live call is over, the recordings are automatically added to your account and available in a Playlist or Hub for your clients—without you doing anything!

Bottom line, Searchie is ideal for coaches offering Q&As, meetings, or online training.

Discover What Searchie Makes
Possible For Your Coaching Business

Make Content More Accessible

Automate Time-Consuming Tasks That Bog You Down

Save time and resources by eliminating meeting minutes and call summaries, and instead, allow your clients to search through your video call recordings by specific keyword or phrases.

Instantly make your coaching program more accessible for your clients with automatic transcriptions, captions, and recordings. You do the coaching… and let Searchie do the rest for you.

No more meeting minutes. No more call summaries. Ever.

Searchie Chrome Extension

Quickly Send Video Messages Or Training Videos

Use the Searchie Chrome extension to capture your screen or record with your camera, and share a video message with your clients in just a couple of clicks.

Great for sending updates, presentations, providing feedback, or training. Take all the time you need with no limits on your recording or uploads!

A Premium Coaching Experience For You And Your Clients

Tools and features to take your coaching business to the next level.

Private One-On-One Coaching Hubs

Secure your private coaching calls or restrict access to call recordings and training videos to specific clients.

Efficient Client Support

Free up your time and provide around-the-clock support with the ability to search through call recordings and training videos by keyword.

Get To Know Your Clients

Get insights into your clients’ behaviors and learn how they consume your audio and video content with our suite of analytics and insights tools.

Design & Personalization

Searchie makes it simple for you to create a perfect and customized coaching Hub that matches your brand and wows your clients and customers.

Real Coaches, Real Results

See What These Incredible Coaches Have To Say!

  • “I love that I can direct my members to workouts that are appropriate for their level of fitness and postpartum recovery by them simply taking a quick assessment. My users love the look of the site and how easy it is to quickly search for whatever type of workout they are interested in doing.”

    Katrina Oakley | Confident Fitness 4 Moms

  • “I love Searchie because of the people. Meaghan, Paulina, the entire Searchie team are better at explaining how to use their product than any other company I have worked with. And their knowledge is free!”

    Donna OLeary | Donna OLeary, LLC

  • “It’s incredibly simple to use for organization & delivery of my content. It looks amazing and makes me excited to serve my people better!”

    Ryan Bringhurst | Human Performance

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