Our Top Posts Of The Year In The Searchie Facebook Group

Our Top 10 Posts Of The Year
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This year has been a whirlwind! We’ve seen innovative Searchie hacks, memorable moments and milestones, eventful Town Hall’s and so much more! That’s why we’re recapping some of the top posts and moments of the year that we’ve seen in the Searchie Facebook group… 

Creativity, Inspiration And BIG Results

Starting with January (of course!), we saw this inspiring post from Sarah! Our community was rockin’ to kick off 2021, and Sarah shared a few colourful screenshots of her gorgeous Hub. Just like Sarah, we love to see our user’s sharing their unique use cases and we can’t wait to see more this January as we enter 2022 (and reveal the all new Searchie… wink wink)!

Our Top Posts Of The Year In The Searchie Facebook Group

New Features Poppin’ Up Like Daisies…

Let’s fast forward to spring time here at Searchie HQ, when we had one of our busiest Town Hall events ever! Andrew and I went live in the Facebook group to chat about some new and exciting updates. 

(By the way, if you’re tapped into the community, then you know that new and exciting updates are a regular around here!)

Can you remember the specific features we unveiled? Good news, you don’t have to! You can watch all of the Town hall replays right here in Searchie Academy. Just search “Town Hall” and voila

Searchie April Town Hall Replay in the Facebook group

No Short Supply Or Podcasts, Hacks And Swag In The Searchie Facebook Group

We loved this post from Sylvia. Each and every month we share Searchie Hacks, but we’re never really sure how they’ll be received by our community. But, when Sylvia tried out the May Searchie Hack of creating a Podcast funnel, it was evident our community was watching, listening and most importantly, taking action.

The cherry on top was when she won the giveaway prize (congrats Sylvia!) and updated her post to share her awesome new #SearchieStyle. 

By the way, have you created a podcast funnel? If you’re nodding your head YES, then let us know in the Facebook group community.

Hack Turns Feature: Searchie Podcasts!

There was also tons of love for our May hack… you guys love to podcast! 

Our team took things to the next level and released the new podcast feature only a couple months later. Did you catch this post? Better question, did you start your very own podcast?! 

If you don’t have a podcast yet, then it’s never been easier. You can quickly transform your audio or video content inside Searchie into a podcast with just a couple of clicks.

You read that right. Your video content into an audio podcast in virtually seconds.

And by the way, if you’re late to the party, don’t sweat it. Check out these help articles or read this blog where we showed you how to turn your existing content into a podcast.

It’s Never Been Easier To Win Searchie Swag… 

We love to see our community rocking Searchie Swag, and apparently you do too! Thanks Karen for sharing your #SearchieStyle with the Searchie Facebook group, those backpacks are one sweet prize…

If you were lucky enough to win some Searchie swag over the last year, and didn’t share it, what are you waiting for?! Head on over to the community and let’s see your #SearchieStyle.

Searchie Swag Giveaway winner Karen Skinner

Sales Page Magic With Searchie

The Two Laura’s dawned the discussion board with their sales page! Yep, you heard correctly… This entire sales page was made inside of a Searchie Hub. Thanks for sharing your impressive work Laura’s, and we to see other community members feeling excited and inspired in the comments!

Want to build a sales page of your own? Check out this blog where we show you exactly how, using Column Sections.

Searchie Sales Page with The Two Laura's

If you liked that sale page then you’ll love this…

Repurpose Your Content Into A Blog The Easy Way

Searchie superstar, Mitch, shared his very own blog that he created inside of a Searchie Hub! Keep reading, because in a few minutes we’re getting to a juicy post where we showed ALL the in’s and out’s of creating your very own blog.

Searchie Hubs Blog with Mitch Aunger

Searchie Salespage Galore!

Searchie community members Daniel and Angela were certainly in the spotlight when Daniel shared this amazing post showcasing two beautiful sales pages that he created using nothing but Searchie Hubs. 

Searchie Sales Page by Daniel Stephensen and Angela James

What Would You Do With Only 2 Hours?

Dollie showed us exactly that! In just a couple short hours, Dollie took a vision and put it into action. Drawing inspiration from Stu McLaren’s Searchie Hub and a feature on her “wish-list”, Drip Content, Dollie spun up this incredible Hub for her Audience. 

How long would it take for you to whip up a Hub? We want to hear your best time! Dollie explains that she poured most of her time into creativity, working on her Hub graphics using Searchie’s native Canva integration

Time well spent… Way to go, Dollie!

The Trifecta: Searchie, Canva And Free Training!

Speaking of Canva…

The Searchie x Canva Live Webinar was one for the books! Paulina and I chatted about our favourite ways to use Canva in our day-to-day roles here at Searchie, and we welcomed our first-ever special guest, Rebecca Flint

Rebecca is a Certified Speaker and Senior Community Manager at Canva, Owner of Fit Boxx and Founder of Branded by Rebecca Flint.

With experience and being a personal branding mentor, leading training programs, creative directing graphic design, brand identity, personal branding, corporate branding, digital marketing and more, we mean it when we say Rebecca is the branding guru.

And lucky for us, Rebecca shared all her branding tips and tricks with the Searchie community!

We saw a LOT of love  in the comments, and some major Hub uplevelling after the event. All thanks to Bec’s teachings and the handy native Canva integration inside of Searchie.

But before we go on, can we stop and appreciate this #WomenInTech moment? Watch and search through the replay in Searchie Academy.

New Feature, New Training, New Blog

Not to be dramatic, but Column Sections came in HOT!

This feature seriously wowed Searchie users with it’s unlimited uses. Team Searchie whipped up countless help articles, blogs, live trainings and more, to help hone in on these use cases and showcase just how easy this feature is to use. 

In this live, Will and Paulina ran through this demo blog and showed us how to recreate it step by step. You can catch the replay, or read through it in this blog post.

Searchie Hacks showing how to repurpose your digital content with a blog post! One of the best hacks of the year

The Party Of The Year! 

Okay, this live was seriously one for the books. Searchie Hubs turned 1 years old and it’s safe to say we threw the biggest birthday party in Searchie history. Did you catch us live?

Check out #HappyBirthdayHubs to see what everyone had to say afterwards. 

If you missed the party, we hosted an encore and you can watch the replay in Searchie Academy. We heard from Searchie Superstars from the community, Searchie co-founders Andrew and Stu, Team Searchie and of course… 

We heard about the all-new Searchie 2.0!

The birthday party of the year! The #HappyBirthdayHubs birthday to celebrate Searchie Hubs one year birthday

The Top 1 (And A Half) Posts To End Off A GREAT Year

Last but not least, this epic post from Brandi that had the community buzzing! 

Brandi dished out her step-by-step process for hosting seamless 1 on 1 coaching calls, connecting Zoom to automatically upload her calls into Searchie, and then packaging them up for her audience via Searchie Hub.

We love that Brandi took full advantage of Searchie’s super powers to bring all of her content together in one library, then packaged it up for her audience in this streamlined process…

Brandi showing her Zoom automations in this step-by-step post of the year

Oh, and we can’t forget Brandi’s iconic Searchie Swag photo in sunny Sedona! 

Do you want to win Searchie Swag? It’s easy! Tune in to our next live event for your chance to WIN. 

One of our top posts of the year in the Facebook group from Brandi showing off her Searchie Swag in Sedona.

Thanks for reading! We loved looking back to stop and appreciate the Searchie community’s top posts of the year!

Did you catch these posts real-time? 

Never miss a beat, join the Searchie Facebook community right here, we’ll catch you in the comments!

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