Searchie Hacks: Repurposing Your Digital Content To Start A Business Blog

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Did you know that you have a goldmine of digital content (audio and video) sitting right at your fingertips? Maybe you haven’t realized it yet, but we’ll bet you have more than you think! 

The best part is that mining that gold (AKA repurposing your digital content) is easy as 1, 2, 3. And we’ll walk you through those steps right now.

The benefits of business blogging can be phenomenal. 

And blogging is SO easy when you already have the transcripts from your audio and video files to work from (hint, hint). 

Your blog can help drive traffic to your website and drive long-term results. Plus, you’ll be able to upcycle and repurpose your digital content again by sharing blog content in social media posts. You might be thinking, “A blog?! I’m already a small business owner doing everything. I don’t have the mental or physical bandwidth to add more to my plate.” 10-4, we hear you loud and clear! 

In three simple steps, we’re showing you how to analyze your existing digital content, find the hidden gems, and then churn them into a blog without ever leaving your Searchie account. No other apps, zaps, or bells and whistles. By the end of this hack, you’ll be adding “Blogger” to your resume and have an amazing new, traffic-driving resource to share with your audience!


Create A Blog Using Column Sections And Repurposing Your Digital Content

Undoubtedly an instant classic, Searchie Hub Column Sections allow you to combine multiple content elements like text, image, video, and more into customizable sections right inside your Hub. This hack will demonstrate the power and versatility of this Section type.

Uplevel Your Hub Using Your Most Recent Digital Content

Give the people what they want, right? Right! We’ll show you how to make sure you’re promoting the content that gets the most plays and providing more of it to your audience. Best of all, it takes seconds to get this done using some nifty tools in your Searchie account.

Find the Topic For Your Next Webinar

Finally, we’ll look at which content could be the most requested for upcoming material by using tools to find your most popular content. This strategizing will save you time and resources by intentionally creating content that your audience actually wants.

Recreating The “Herbs 101” Demo Blog

Before we jump into the nitty-gritty, take a look at the Herbs 101 demo blog we used for this hack. If you’re already the proud owner of a blog inside your Searchie hub, feel free to skip the rest of this post and learn more about plant propagation. Everyone else, keep reading…  

Searchie Hacks: Repurposing Your Digital Content To Start A Business Blog

Tools Required

Searchie Hubs

Searchie Hubs are your one-stop-shop to organize, share, and sell your audio and video content. Here’s everything you need to know about Hubs and how they can help you build and launch your online business. 

Searchie Analytics

Searchie Analytics is the small but mighty feature that, in a nutshell, tells you what your audience is consuming. Searches, plays, and views are all indicators of what you should definitely keep doing and what you probably shouldn’t focus your time on. 

Like that one idea that maybe didn’t stick like you’d hoped…  


Best of all, it’s available for everyone. No matter what pricing plan you’re on, Searchie Analytics is available to you. Learn more about Analytics here, and start repurposing your digital content that your audience already knows and loves.

15-30 Minutes

Just like a good dad joke, we like to keep these hacks short and sweet. 

Step 1 will take you about 60 seconds to complete. The majority of your time will be spent building your actual blog. If you already have a vision and are familiar with Hub Sections, you could potentially build out your first blog post in minutes. We’ve given a buffer, so, let’s say, 30 minutes max. 

We’re flying through things pretty quickly. It looks like we have time for a quick dad joke now…

How did the SEO content writer couple react when they found out they were having twins? 

For the first time ever, they were happy with duplicate content! Ba-dum-cha. 

Moving on.

Step 1: Find Out What Digital Content Is Most Requested By Your Audience

Using Searchie Analytics, you’ll be able to locate the most requested content inside of your Searchie account. Analytics is a feature inside your Searchie account, just like Widgets, Playlists, Folders, and Hubs. You can access Searchie Analytics by heading to your Navigation Bar inside your Searchie account. 

For the purpose of today’s hack, you’ll want to take a look at the options for filtering through these analytics. Filter by day, week, month, custom date range, media, folder—you name it! Your graph will update based on your filter, and the leaderboard at the bottom will update as well. You’ll be left with  stats looking something like this:

In seconds, you’ll be able to track how many visits you’ve had, how many searches have been made, and how many plays your content has had. You’ll also find op keywords and media files inside of your account. So Analytics are essentially data points inside of your Searchie account that allow you to better understand how your audience is consuming your content. And that’s a huge deal for you… because you’ll know what they want more of, and you can scale back on the things they don’t. 

This help article dives deeper into Analytics and shows you the step-by-step to filter and view data for your content..

Step 2: Create Your Blog In a Hub Using Column Sections

Okay, we’re about 3 minutes in and already at the fun part! It’s time to start leveraging and repurposing your digital content by creating your very own blog inside of Searchie Hubs! 

The star of the show in this hack is Column Sections inside Searchie Hubs. We mentioned the versatility of this Section earlier, so now’s the time to get creative and use columns to build a unique blog of your own. Of course, if your brain isn’t currently firing off any new layouts or designs, you can use the Herbs 101 demo blog as inspiration. 

First, start by accessing your Hub Editor and creating a new page in your Hub, this will be the blog page. Once you have your blank page ready to go, it’s time to start adding Hub Sections.

In this hack, you’ll build your blog using nothing but Column Sections!

Start by adding Column Sections. If you already have a vision for your blog (maybe this isn’t your first rodeo), you can freestyle it! Add one, two, three, or four columns to each section. Then combine text, images, titles, and subtitles to organize your content within the blog page. 

Or, skip ahead to the “Step 2” chapter in our Searchie hacks replay, where we walk through each element, one at a time, to recreate the demo blog.

Step 3: Find The Perfect Topic For Your Next Webinar

Have you always wanted to host a webinar but don’t know where to start? 

Maybe you’ve hosted your fair share, and now trying to decide what topic should be next makes your head spin… 

What does my audience want to learn about?

How do I know what they’re interested in?

How can I let them know where to sign up?

Good news, the guessing is over! 

Remember those handy Searchie Analytics we used in Step 1? You can also use those same analytics to find the perfect topic for your next webinar. Use your Hub stats to find out what your audience is interested in by their searches and views. 

If one of your videos is showing high stats in analytics, a webinar is a great way to keep repurposing your digital content.

Once you have your topic, create your webinar landing page in Hubs, then link to it from your Hubs homepage. Using the new Column Sections, you can create a simple Call To Action for your audience members to sign up. Try adding a simple banner like this one below.

You’re done! What did you think?

With this super quick hack, you’ve breathed new life into your existing digital content by turning it into a blog in just 30 minutes (or less)! Not too shabby, huh?

Beep-beep look out world, here comes your blog driving traffic to your website! And, don’t forget, your blog content can now be repurposed for a second time when you share it in social media posts.

Talk about reused and recycled! Repurposing your digital content has never been easier, and we love to see it. 

And other Searchie community members are doing this, too! 

Be sure to check out blogs created by Phillis and Sue-Anne — who knows, you might find a little inspiration of your own! 

Don’t miss out on any of the action, head on over to the Facebook group and join the Searchie Community.

Have a question for our team? We’re here to help you! Drop us a line at [email protected]

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