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It’s no secret that the online education market is booming. Even before the pandemic hit, Forbes predicted that it would be a $350 billion market by 2025—just imagine that projection now. But, with SO many digital products and online information businesses out there, it can sometimes be difficult to set yourself apart from the competition. That’s why we’re showing you how to enhance your digital products and online information business with Searchie.

Whether that’s your content, teaching style, personality, marketing, tech or something else, there are a lot of things you can do to stand out. 

In this blog, we’re getting into the technical side of things.

If you’ve been in the digital course, membership or online coaching game for a while, then chances are you’ve got your tech set up.

 You either consider yourself proficient in the tech side of your business, or you have some additional support who has helped you set things up.

Or, maybe you have a tech stack that you’ve been using for a while now, and you’re thinking; “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

We can appreciate that, but what about upleveling? What about some simple tweaks to help you stand out?

If you feel like you have a good thing going, we get it, it’s only natural to feel a flicker of skepticism. That’s why we’re laying out all the ways that Searchie will enhance your current online program, and in turn, save you time and money.

If you’re stuck up top wondering, what is a tech stack; it’s pretty much the throng of apps, softwares or technologies that you’re using to deliver your business or product.

Let’s talk about Searchie, and where it comes into your tech stack party…

Something we don’t appreciate nearly enough is how flexible and widely compatible Searchie is. In this post, we’ll be covering integrations available inside of your Searchie account, and well as the cool ways to connect with other platforms via Zapier. All to enhance your digital products and online information business to better serve your audience.

Searchie will take your video hosting and digital content delivery to your next level, even if:

  • You already have video content stored locally on your computer, or in another platform like Vimeo, Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • You’ve already built out digital course, online coaching program or membership site on an external site, using a different platform.
  • You have loads of video (or audio) content created, but no central library to access and search through your content.

Ready to learn how? Keep reading!

Host All Of Your Digital Products And Media In One Place 

If you’re convincing yourself that organized chaos is working for you… 


There, there, it’s over now. 

Instead of wasting time keeping track of what content is where, build an internal library for all of your audio and video media files in Searchie. Giving you the power to access ALL of your content under one roof.

Import Using Media Connections

With nearly a dozen Media Connections (and counting) available inside your Searchie account, importing large amounts of video content takes all but a few clicks. 

Whether your recordings are on Facebook, Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive, podcast… you name it, you can pull your content into Searchie without having to perform the tedious task of downloading, then uploading it multiple times. 

Simply select your source and connect. 

Video recordings will retroactively be added to Searchie, as well as any new recordings made from that point on. This short training video shows exactly where you can add new media via Media Connections.

It gets better, your files will be automatically transcribed and captioned when they’re imported into your Searchie account. Amazing, right? We’ll go into this in more detail, keep reading!

The bottom line is, Searchie helps you work smarter, not harder.


Build A Centralized Library For Your Content

Here at Searchie, we’re all about helping you keep things simple by housing all of your content under one roof. 

You can easily move content from your other media sources in a couple of clicks using Searchie Media Connections that we talked about above. Select your source, add media, then create a centralized, searchable library of all your video and audio content inside your Searchie account. 

Not only will your content be searchable internally for you and your team, but you’ll be able to share that content anywhere. 

Make Your Information Business Searchable

Well, you don’t need to make it searchable, Searchie does that for you. Automatically, to boot.

Plus, you’ll be able to see exactly what your audience searches for. No more guessing what content is popular or figuring out at which minute mark you mentioned that thing that really clicked with your audience. 

You can search for and find exactly what you’re looking for in less time than it takes you to say ✨Abracadabra✨. 

If you’re still wondering how the search function works, this short help article should do the trick. Making your content searchable will enhance your digital products and online information business, and Searchie does it all without adding any more work to your plate. You’re welcome.

Automatically Captioned Content

You really don’t need to do anything other than what you do best; create content using your knowledge and expertise. As soon as you upload that content into your Searchie account, it receives the royal treatment, it’s searchable, and is adorned with transcriptions and captions.

Not only will you save on video hosting, transcription, captioning, and content management with Searchie, but you’ll save your sanity too. 

Search Through Transcriptions By Keyword Or Phrase

Instead of looking high and low and spending countless hours clicking, scrubbing and buffering, you can search through your library of audio and video content by keyword.

So let’s say you do Facebook Lives for your audience, and you answer questions in a live Q&A format. What happens after the live recording? It basically disappears. Instead, imagine that you could create a library of common questions and your answers for your audience. It saves a ton of time and resources for you and your team, plus it creates a better experience for your audience. That’s just one example of how people are using Searchie for their courses, memberships and coaching programs.

 You can edit your transcript, or download it to repurpose into blogs and social media posts, too. When you share your video using the Searchie URL or embed code, your audience will be able to search through your transcript by keyword or phrase.

Enhance Your Digital Products & Online Information Business. Image of Media File transcriptions being searched through inside a Searchie account.

Your audience will thank you for making your already amazing content more amazing by adding accessible options. 

Cater To Your Audience With Accessible Content

Why is it important to cater to your audiences’ needs and learning styles? 

Have you ever felt frustrated when you couldn’t choose to consume content in your preferred way? Maybe you’re busy and need the ability to watch everything at 2x speed. Or, you prefer to read and highlight to make important notes. If you have difficulty reading screens or hearing impairments, captions and audio can make all the difference in how you consume the content. 

Here at Searchie we believe in the power to choose: between listening, reading and watching, and even the old and faithful mix-and-match. 

By switching out your video content on your current platform with the Searchie version of said content, you extend this choice to your audience. If you don’t think it’s that big of a deal, you may not realize: content overwhelm is the number one reason people leave memberships or don’t complete digital courses. It’s not that your content isn’t great: but if it’s not delivered in a way that speaks to your audience, then they won’t be able to consume it as you hoped.

Let your audience know that you see them, and you care about them by expanding your content to make it easily accessible, no matter what their learning style may be. Enhance your digital products and online information business, and your audience’s experience!

Build A Members Area For Your Course or Membership Site

And quickly we might add! 


Is your video content in multiple locations? Searchie is the best place to organize your content for both you and your audience. 

Not only that – once your video content is in your account, you can build a video library for your members with a few easy clicks. 

See What Your Members Are Into

Whether you’re just getting started, or you have an entire catalogued archive of recordings, find out what works for your audience, before you start pouring your heart and effort into creating new content.

Using Searchie Analytics, you’ll be able to see what media has your audience doing this:


Remove the guesswork for yourself and take cues from your Media File views and replays. Give the people more of what they really want!

Are you a long time Searchie user? We’re talking pre-Hub era. 

Or, are you fairly new around here but embedding Searchie media on external platforms?

Well, before Searchie Hubs hit the scene, Searchie functioned as a powerful add-on in other platforms. This means that regardless of whether you’re currently hosting your site in Kajabi, WordPress, Teachable, Thinkific, Might Networks, Wix, etc – as long as your site accommodates HTML sections, you can add in your Searchie content! 

And no matter where your content is being viewed, you’ll see those analytics inside your Searchie account. 

You’re the content creator, we’re in the business of really good content delivery.

Ready to get started?

Thanks for reading! If you aren’t already using Searchie to enhance your digital products and online information business, sign up for a free trial and be sure to join our Facebook Community.

The secret lies in content accessibility, try it out today with a Playlist! We’ll bet that you’ll be surprised at how a small magic touch can reap such big benefits.

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